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39th CERES-II Science Team Meeting –
October 2023

Meeting Minutes / Presentations

Meeting Agenda [PDF]


Major Objectives for the Meeting:

  1. Review status of CERES Instruments and Data Products:
    • Status of CERES
    • CERES FM1-FM6 Calibration Update
    • MODIS, VIIRS GEO Cloud Algorithm & Validation Status
    • ADM, SARB, TISA and FLASHFlux Working Group Reports
    • EBAF Update
    • Data Management Team Update: Terra/Aqua/S-NPP/NOAA-20

  2. Invited Presentations Session. Each presentation is 45 min including time for questions.

  3. Contributed Science Reports. Each report is 20 min including time for questions.

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, October 17

 CERES Technical Session
9:00 am State of CERES [Presentation Recording ] N. Loeb
9:30 am CERES FM1-FM6 Instrument Update [Presentation Recording ] M. Shankar
10:15 am CERES Clouds Working Group Report [Presentation Recording ] B. Smith
10:45 am Lunch
11:15 am CERES Angular Distribution Model (ADM) Working Group Report
[Presentation Recording ]
W. Su
11:45 pm Surface Atmospheric Radiation Budget (SARB) Working Group Update
part 1 [Presentation Recording ]
part 2 [Presentation Recording ]

S. Kato
S. Ham
12:05 am Lunch
1:45 pm Time Interpolation and Spatial Averaging (TISA) Working Group: Update
[Presentation Recording ]
D. Doelling
2:15 pm EBAF Surface Update [Presentation Recording ] S. Kato
2:35 pm FLASHFlux Update [Presentation Recording ] P. Stackhouse
2:55 pm CERES Data Management Team (DMT) Working Group Report
[Presentation Recording ]
K. Dejwakh
3:25 pmBreak
 Contibuted Science Presentations
3:55 pm Evaluation of the GERB-4 dataset: Jan 2018 – Feb 2023 [Presentation Recording ] C. Clerbeaux
4:15 pm Athena Sensorcraft Technology Demonstration Mission Update/path to launch
[Presentation Recording ]
K. Priestley
4:35 pm Documenting the Spectral Character of Earth’s Emission with PREFIRE
[Presentation Recording ]
T. L’Ecuyer
4:55 pm Libera Mission Status Update [Presentation Recording ] P. Pilewski
5:15 pmAdjourn

Wednesday, October 18

 Invited Science Presentations
9:00 am Elevating the Decomposition of Earth’s Radiation Budget Changes as a Tool for Climate Monitoring Presentation Recording ] R. Kramer
9:45 am Trends in CERES, MODIS and NASA ModelE: Which trends are caused by aerosols and/or cloud feedback? [Presentation Recording ] S. Bauer
10:30 am Global Warming in the Pipeline [Presentation Recording ] J. Hansen
11:15 am Break
 Contibuted Science Presentations
11:45 am Sparse, Empirically Optimized Quadrature for Broadband Radiative Fluxes and Heating Rates
[Presentation Recording ]
P. Czarnecki
12:05 pm The Water Vapor Continuum Creates Nonlinearities in the Sensitivity of Mean Precipitation to Surface Temperature [Presentation Recording ] S. Cohen
12:25 pmLunch
2:00 pm Zonal cloud property trends during the satellite era and their radiative signatures
[Presentation Recording ]
G. Tselioudis
2:20 pm Cloud Zonal Trends Observed by CALIPSO-CloudSat and MODIS
[Presentation Recording ]
S.-H. Ham
2:40 pm Evaluation of stratocumulus and shallow cumulus clouds and feedbacks in CMIP6 and CMIP5 models [Presentation Recording ] G. Cesana
3:00 pm Cloud Radiative Effect anomalies associated with MODIS Regimes of Regimes
[Presentation Recording ]
L. Oreopoulos
3:20 pmBreak
3:40 pm Using Flux by Cloud Type Data to Study Convective Aggregation in the Tropics
[Presentation Recording ]
K.-M. Xu
4:00 pm Isolating the cloud response to sea ice loss: An observational estimate of the cloud-sea ice feedback [Presentation Recording ] P. Taylor
4:20 pm Enabling land surface applications with CERES radiative fluxes: A SERVIR perspective [Presentation Recording ] B. Roberts
4:40 pm The co-variations of tropical temperature and humidity across multiple timescales and their implication on the estimation of surface radiation budget [Presentation Recording ] X. Huang
5:00 pmAdjourn

Thursday, October 19

 Contributed Science Presentations
9:00 am Validation of CERES CRS data product at Siple Dome, Antarctica D. Rutan
9:20 am Two-habit ice cloud model update and the scattering-angle dependence of retrieved ice cloud optical thicknesses J. Coy
9:40 am Dark Target/Deep Blue Aerosol Retrieval Merge for VIIRS SNPP and NOAA-20
[Presentation Recording ]
V. Sawyer
10:00 am Global Evaluation of Reanalysis Surface Temperatures and Station Observations in All-sky Conditions for use in CERES [Presentation Recording ] B. Scarino
10:20 am Ice-Over-Water Cloud Identification and Properties in an Artificial Neural Network Approach [Presentation Recording ] S. Sun-Mack
10:40 amBreak
11:10 am CLARA-A3 data record released: 40 years of shortwave and longwave TOA fluxes
[Presentation Recording ]
T. Akkermans
11:30 pm CLAAS4 TOA product: a new climate data record from MSG data
[Presentation Recording ]
M. Mountier
11:50 pm Trends and variability in Earth’s Energy Imbalance M. Hakuba
12:10 pm The Libera Camera as a Tool for Rapid Angular Distribution Model Generation
[Presentation Recording ]
J. Gristey
12:30 pmAdjourn