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Press Releases

Public Release Articles

Placing the Recent Hiatus Period in an Energy Balance Perspective, 01/29/2020

Terra: Five Instruments – One Monumental Data Record, 01/29/2020

A Continuous Record of Earth’s Radiation Budget, 12/18/2019

GLOBE Fall Cloud Challenge Rakes in the Observations, 11/22/2019

New Models Point to More Global Warming Than We Expected
Weather Underground, 08/06/2019

CERES team released EBAF Edition 4.1 data product.
Ceres Product Information, 05/28/2019

Lake of the Clouds – Solar Radiation Monitoring Site Set Up at Granite Island
The Mining Journal, 07/01/2018

First Public Release of CERES FM6 Data Products
NASA Atmospheric Science Data Center, 06/13/2018

CERES Radiation Budget Instrument Launches Aboard JPSS-1.
NASA LaRC Center News, 11/19/2017

Keeping an Eye on Earth’s Energy Budget.
NASA LaRC Center News, 10/24/2017

NASA Langley set for CERES launch to study Earth’s energy budget
Daily Press Newspaper, 09/11/2017

What is Earth’s Energy Budget? Five Questions with a Guy Who Knows.
NASA LaRC Center News, 06/10/2017

NASA Data Suggest Future May Be Rainier Than Expected.
NASA JPL Center News, 06/09/2017

Earth’s “Missing Energy”
NASA EarthData, 10/13/2015

NASA Langley leads in Arctic sea ice research
Daily Press Newspaper, 01/11/2015

NASA Satellites Measure Increase of Sun’s Energy Absorbed in the Arctic
NASA Goddard Center News, 12/17/2014

Norman G. Loeb presented at NASA LaRC and the Virginia Air & Space Center
NASA Langley Center News, 08/05/2014

NASA Satellites See Arctic Surface Darkening Faster
NASA Goddard Center News, 02/18/2014

Global Ocean Currents Explain Why Northern Hemisphere Is the Soggier One
ScienceDaily, 10/21/2013

Terra Celebrates 5,000th Day on Orbit
NASA Terra Project News, 08/26/2013

NASA turns to CloudSpotter app to create global ‘cloud atlas’
The Guardian, 06/20/2013

NASA Video: Aqua CERES: Tracking Earth’s Heat Balance
NASA YouTube Video, 07/25/2012

“First Light” Taken by NASA’s Newest CERES Instrument
NASA Mission News, 02/03/2012

NASA-led Study Solves Case of Earth’s “Missing Energy”
NASA NPP Project News, 01/26/2012

Study plugs gap in global warming puzzle
ABC Science, 01/23/2012

NPP Launch Video, Images and Features
NASA LaRC Center News, 10/31/2011

Countdown to Launch: CERES FM5 Team Profile
NASA LaRC Center News, 10/17/2011

NASA Video: NPP: The Five Instruments
NASA Videos, 10/26/2011

New Online: NPP Satellite Prevents Gap in Critical Climate Data
NASA NPP Project News, 09/06/2011

New Online: CERES Continues Legacy of Cloud Study on NPP
NASA NPP Project News, 09/06/2011

New Online: U.S. Heat Wave and Earth’s Energy Balance
NASA EarthObservatory, 08/31/2011

New Online: Langley Climate Scientist Tackles Hot Topic
NASA LaRC Center News, 06/30/2011

New Online: NPPy: Big Planet, Little Bear
NASA YouTube Video, 06/10/2011

EarthFest 2010: By Ocean, Land and Sky
NASA LaRC Center News, 11/02/2010

NASA Researchers Aim To Keep ‘Infinite CERES’ Instrument Going Strong
Space News, 04/16/2010

New On-Line: Cold Snaps Plus Global Warming Do Add Up
NASA News, 02/23/2010

Cuccinelli seeks to block EPA’s global-warming petition.
Richmond Times Dispatch, 02/18/2010

Climate change, No hiding place?
The Exconomist, 1/15/2010

New NASA instrument measures Earth’s energy budget
Daily Press Newspaper, Feb 2012

NASA’s NPP Satellite Successfully Completes Thermal Vac Testing
NASA Goddard Center News, May 2011

NASA Langley Recognized for Research on Earth’s Changing Climate
NASA LaRC Center News, Dec 2009

NASA Selects Northrop Grumman to Build Earth Science Instrument
NASA LaRC Center News, May 2009

NASA Instrument Selected for Multi-Agency Satellite Mission
NASA LaRC Center News, Feb 2008

Evidence for Large Decadal Variability in the Tropical Mean Radiative Energy Budget
Science Magazine, Feb 2002

Fewer Clouds Found in Tropics
NASA LaRC Center News, Jan 2002

NASA Satellite Instrument Warms Up Global Cooling Theory
NASA LaRC Center News, Jan 2002 [PDF]

Observations of 1998 El Niño Provide Powerful Climate Test
NASA LaRC Center News, Dec 2001[PDF]

NASA’s Terra Satellite Captures a World of Sunlight and Heat
CERES Terra Press Release, Jun 2001

Public Release Lectures

The Recent Pause in Global Warming: A Temporary Blip or Something More Permanent?
Presenter: Norman G. Loeb, Location: NASA LaRC and the Virginia Air & Space Center – Aug 5, 2014