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CERES Acronyms


AASA:Airborne Atmospheric Science Office

ABI:Application Binary Interfaces

ABLE:Arctic Boundary Layer Experiment

ACA:Azimuth Control Assembly

ACCLAIM:Advanced Carbon and Climate Mission Concept

ACE:Aerosol Characterization Experiment

ACE:Aerosol/Cloud/Ecosystems Mission

ACM:Association of Computing Machinery

ACR:Active Cavity Radiometer

ACRF:Averaged Cloud Radiation Model

ACRIM:Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor

ACS:Attitude Control System

ADC:Analog to Digital Converter

ADEOS:Advanced Earth Observing System

ADF:Atmospheric Data Fusion

ADRIEX:Aerosol Direct Radiative Impact Experiment

ADM:Angular Distribution Model

ADP:Automated Data Processing

ADS:Archive and Distribution Segment

AEC:ARM Experiment Center

AES:Airborne Emission Spectrometer

AEGIS:Aerosol Global Interactions Satellite

AFWEX:ARM-FIRE Water Vapor Experiment

AGCM:Atmospheric General Circulation Model(s)

AGU:American Geophysical Union

AIAA:American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AirMISR:Airborne Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer

AIRS:Atmospheric Infrared Sounder

AIRS II:Alliance Icing Research Study II

AIT:Advanced Intelligent Tape


AMAPS:Aerosol Measurement and Processing System

AMASS:Archival Management Storage Software

AMI:Archive Modernization through Intergration

AMIP:Atmosphere Model Inter-comparison Project

AMMA:African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses

AMS:American Meteorological Society

AMSR-E:Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer – EOS

AMSU:Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit

ANGE:Archive Next GEneration

ANSI:American National Standards Institute

AOD:Aerosol Optical Depth

AOS:Acquisition Of Signal

AOT:Aerosol Optical Thickness

APC:American Power Conversion

APD:Aerosol Profile Data

API:Application Programming Interface

APGS:Automatic Product Generation System

APID:Application Identifier

APS:Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor

AQI:Air Quality Index

ARB:Aerosol Research Branch – 48″ Lidar

ARC:Ames Research Center

ARCSS:Artic System Science

ARESE:ARM Enhanced Shortwave Experiment

ARM:Atmospheric Radiation Measurements

ARR:Assessment Response Report

ASAP:Advance Satellite Aviation-Weather Products

ASCAT:Advanced Scatterometer (ESA)

ASCENDS:Active Sensing of CO2 Emissions over Nights, Days, and Seasons

ASCII:American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASDC:Atmospheric Sciences Data Center

ASIC3:Achieving Satellite Instrument Calibration for Climate Change (ASIC3) Workshop

ASOS:Automated Surface Observing Sites

ASR:Aerosol Scattering Ratio

ASRC:Atmospheric Sciences Research Center

ASTER:Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer

ASTEX:Atlantic Stratocumulus Transition Experiment

ASTR:Atmospheric Structures

AT:Along Track

ATBD:Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document

ATMS:Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder

ATOST:Atlantic-THORpex Observing System Test

ATReC:Atlantic THORpex Regional Campaign

AtSC:Atmospheric Sciences Competency

AUTH:Authentication Service, TCP/UDP port 113

AVG:Monthly Regional Radiative Fluxes and Clouds

AVHRR:Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer

AVS:AVS X image File

AWRP:Aviation Weather Research Program

AZA:Azimuth Angle


BAMS:Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society



BCE:Before Current Era

BCU:Bench Check-out Unit

BDRF:BiDirectional Reflectance Functions

BDS:BiDirectional Scan

BDSD:BiDirectional Scan – Diagnostic

BDSF:BiDirectional Scan – Fixed Pattern

BDSG:BiDirectional Scan – Gimbal Error

BDSI:BiDirectional Scan – Interncal Calibration

BDSM:BiDirectional Scan – Memory Dump

BDSP:BiDirectional Scan – Processor Error

BDSS:BiDirectional Scan – Solar Calibration

BIE+:Joint Bi-level Image experts Group File interchange format

BIOS:Basic Input/Output System

BMP+:Microsoft Windows bitmap image File

BMP24+:Microsoft Windows 24-bit bitmap image File

BOA:Bottom of Atmosphere

BOL:Beginning of Life

BOM:Beginning of Mission

BQCRP:Instrument Production ASCII QC Report

BRDF:Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function

BRIE:Best Regional Integral Estimate

BSA:Biaxial Scan Assembly

BSRN:Baseline Surface Radiation Network

BT:Brightness Temperature

BTD:Brightness Temperature Difference

BUT:Bus Utilization Table


C3S:Command, Communication, and Control Segment

CAC:Climate Analysis Center

CAD:CERES Archival Data

CADM:CERES Angular Distribution Model

CADU:Channel Access Data Unit (CCSDS)

CAFC:(Canadian) Cloud-Aerosol Feedbacks & Climate (Network)


CALIOP:Cloud-Aerosol Lidar with Orthagonal Polarization

CALIPSO:Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations

CAM:Command Authorization Meeting (FOT)

CAMEX:Convection and Moisture Experiment

CAPES:Combined Active and Passive Environmental Sounder

CAT3-5:Category 3, 4, or 5 (cabling)

CAVE:CERES ARM Validation Experiment

CBH:Cloud Base Height

CC:Configuration Code

CCB:Configuration Control Board

CCC:Count Conversion Coefficients


CCCma:Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analyses

CCD:Charge-Coupled Device

CCDAS:Carbon Data Assimilation Systems

CCN:Cloud Condensation Nuclei

CCR:Configuration Change Request

CCSDS:Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems

CCSP:Climate Change Science Program

CD:Compact Disk

CDB:Chemistry and Dynamics Branch

CDF:Common Data Format

C&DH:Control and Data Handling

CDL:Cloud Detection Lidar

CDR:Circular Depolarization Ratio

CDR:Climate Data Record

CDRL:Contract Data Requirements List

CECIL:C Extended Command Interface Language

CEOS:Committee on Earth Observing Satellites

CEPEX:Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment


CERES:Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System

CERESlib:CERES (software) Library

CERT/CC:CComputer Emergency Response Team/ Coordination Center (see US-CERT)


CFCAS:Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences

CFD:Cloud Flux Product

CGM:Computer Graphics Metafile

CGCM:Coupled (ocean-atmosphere) General Circulation Model

CGI:Common Gateway Interface

CI:Computer Information

CID:Cloud Imager Data

CIFEX:Clouds Indirect Effects Experiment

CIMSS:Cooperative Institute for Meterological Satellite Studies

CIN:Convective Inhibition

CIO:Chief Information Officer

CIP:Current Icing Potential

CIRA:Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere

CLAES:Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer

CLAMS:Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites

CLARREO:Climate Absolute Radiance and Refractivity Observatory

CLASS:Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System

CLAVR:Cloud Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer

CLCW:Command Link Control Word (CCSDS)

CLS:Constrained Least Squares

CLTU:Command Link Transmission Unit (CCSDS)

CM:Cloud Mask

CM:Configuration Management

CMAQ:Community Multiscale Air Quality

CMDL:Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory

CMIS:Conical-scanning Microwave Imager/Sounder

CMMI:Capability Maturity Model Integrated

CMOS:Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

CMYK:Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, and black bytes

CN:Condensation Nucleus

CNES:Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (France)

COART:Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Radiative Transfer

CODINE:Computing in Distributed Network Envrionments

COPRS:Cloud Optical Property Retrieval System

COSPAR:Committee on Space Research

COT:Cloud Optical Thickness

COTR:Contracting Officers Technical Representative

COTS:Commercial Off The Shelf

COVE:CERES Ocean Validation Experiment

CPR:Cloud Profiling Radar

CPU:Central Processing Unit

CR:Correlation Radiometer

CRF:Cloud Radiative Forcing

CRH:Clear Reflectance History

CRHF:Cloud Radiative Heat Forcing

CrIS:Cross-track Infrared Sounder

CRM:Cloud Resolving Model

CRS:Clouds and Radiative Swath

CRSB:Clouds and Radiative Swath, Binary

CRSVB:Clouds and Radiative Swath, Validation Binary

CRYSTAL:Cirrus Regional Study of Tropical Anvils and Cirrus Layers

CSO:Chief Security Official

CSOC:Consolidated Space Operations Contract

CSS:Cascading Sytle Sheet

CTBL:Cloud-Topped Boundary Layer

CTCU:Central Telemetry Control Unit (CCSDS)

CTIU:Command and Telemetry Interface Unit

CTM:Chemical Transport Models

CUT:Coordinated Universal Time

CVCDU:Coded Virtual Channel Data Unit (CCSDS)

CVP:Cloud Validation Product

CVS:Concurrent Versions System

CW:Cable Wrap

CWV:Columnar Water Vapor

CZCS:Coastal Zone Color Scanner


DAA:Designated Approval Authority

DAAC:Distributed Active Archive Center

DAC:Digital to Analog Converter

DAO:Data Assimilation Office

DAP:Data Acquisition microProcessor

DARPA:Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DAS:Data Assimilation System


DBI:DataBase Interface (module)

DCA:Data Acquisition Converter assembly

DCC:Deep Convective Clouds

DCF:Direct Climate Forcing

DCN:Document Change Notice

DCR:Double Corrected Radiances

DCX+:ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush File

DDB:Daily Database (ERBE)

DDF:Data Distribution Facility

DDI:Downwelling Diffuse Irradiance

DEM:Digital Elevation Model

DESDynl:Deformation, Ecosystem Structure and Dynamics of Ice

DFD:Data Flow Diagram

DFRC:Dryden Flight Research Center

DHCP:Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DI:Direct Integration

DIAL:Differential Absorption Lidar

DIB:Microsoft Windows bitmap image File

DICOM:Medical image File

DLF:Direct Longwave Flux

DLT:Digital Linear Tape

dLW:Delta Longwave (UnFiltered Radiances)

DM:Data Management

DM4:Daily, Monthly, and S-4 (ERBE processor)

DMA:Defense Mapping Agency

DMA:Direct Memory Access

DMS:Data Management System

DMSP:Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

DMSS:Distributed Mass Storage System

DMT:Data Management Team

DNS:Domain Name Server

DNSI:Direct-Normal Solar Irradiance

DOD:Department of Defense

DOE:Department of Energy

DPC:Data Products Catalog

DPO:Data Products Online (ASDC)

DQS:Data Quality Summary

DRE:Direct Radiative Effect

DRL:Document Release List

DRT:Daytime Retrieval Technique

DSC:Deep Space Calibration

DSC:Directed Scattering Coefficients

DSRT:Daytime Snow Retrieval Technique

DTD:Document Type Definitions

DX:Data Explorer


EADM:ERBE-Like Albedo Directional Model

EBAF:Energy Balanced and Filled

EEQUATE:European Aqua Thermodynamic Experiment

EBBR:Energy Balance Bowen Ratio

EBCDIC:Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Format

EBnet:EOSDIS Backbone Network

ECA:Elevation Control Assembly

ECDL:External Cavity Diode Laser

ECHO:EOS-DIS Clearing HOuse

ECI:Earth-Centered Interial

ECLIPS:Experimental Cloud Lidar Pilot Study

ECN:Equipment Control Number

ECMWF:European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting

ECR:Earth-Centered Rotating

ECS:EOSDIS Core System

EDDB:ERBE-Like Daily Database Product

EDG:EOS Data Gateway

EDOS:EOS Data Operations System

EDR:Environmental Data Records

EGS:European Geophysical Society

EGT:EOSDIS Ground Terminal

EMOS:EOS Mission Operations System

EMTSA:ERBE-Like Monthly Time/Space Averaging

ENSO:El Nino-Southern Oscillation

ENVISAT:Environmental Satellite

EOC:EOS Operations Center

EOF:Empirical Orthogonal Function

EOL:End of Life

EOPS:ERBE Operational Processing System

EOS:Earth Observing System

EOSDIS:Earth Observing System Data and Information System

EOS AM:EOS Morning Crossing Mission (Renamed Terra)

EOS PM:EOS Afternoon Crossing Mission

EPA:Environmental Protection Agency

EPDF:Encapsulated Portable Document Format

EPGS:EOS Polar Ground Station

EPHANC:Ephemeris and Ancillary

EPI:Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format

EPIC:Eastern Pacific Investigation of Climate


EPS:Adobe Encapsulated PostScript File

EPS2:Adobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript File

EPSF:Adobe Encapsulated PostScript File

EPSI:Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format

EPT:Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format with TIFF preview

EP-TOMS:Earth Probe – Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer

ERB:Earth Radiation Budget

ERB CARS:Earth Radiation Budget Climate Analysis Research System

ERBE:Earth Radiation Budget Experiment

ERBElib:ERBE (software) Library

ERBS:Earth Radiation Budget Satellite

ERBS:Earth Radiation Budget Sensor

ERF:Emergency Response Facility (Help Desk)

EROS:Earth Resources Observation System

ERPS:EOS Real-time Processing System

ERS-1:European Research Satellite-1

ES4:ERBE-Like S4 Monthly Science

ES8:ERBE-Like S8 Instanteous Science

ES9:ERBE-Like S9 Monthly Regional Averages

ESA:European Space Agency

ESA:Earth Sensor Assembly

ESDIS:Earth Science Data and Information System

ESE:Earth Science Enterprise

ESMF:Earth System Modeling Framework

ESRB:European Surface Radiation Budget

ESRI:Environmental Systems Research Institute

ESRIN:European Space Research Institute

ESSP:Earth System Science Pathfinder

ESTEC:European Space Research and Technology Centre

ETL:NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory

EUG:European Union of Geoscience

EUMET:European Meteorological Services

EuMetSat:European Meteorological Satellite (Organization)


FACE:Florida Area Cirrus Experiment

FAPS:Fixed Azimuth Plane Scan

FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions

FASTOZ:Fast response Ozone Instrument

FCC:Fractional Cloud Cover

FDD:Flight Dynamics Division (GSFC)

FDDI:Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDF:Flight Dynamics Facility (GSFC)

FFT:Fast Fourier Transform

FIF:File Information Form

FIG:TransFig Image Format

FIP:Forecast Icing Potential

FIRE:First ISCCP Regional Experiment

FIRSC:Far Infrared Sensor for Cirrus

FIRST:Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Troposphere

FITS:Flexible Image Transport System

FLASHflux:Fast Longwave and SHortwave Fluxes

FLRT:Flexible, Longwave, Radiative Transfer

fLW:Filtered Longwave (Radiances)

FM:Flight Model

FNMOC:Fleet Numerical Meteorological Oceanographic Center

FOT:Flight Operations Team


FOVL:Field-of-View Limiter

FPX:FlashPix Format

FQC:Convolution Subsystem Quality Control

FSW:Hourly Single Satellite Fluxes and Clouds (Flux and clouds regional SWath)

fSW:Filtered Shortwave (Radiances)

FTIR:Fourier Transform Infrared Radiometer

fTOT:Filtered Total (Radiances)

FTE:Full Time Equivalent

FTM:Flight Test Model

FTP:File Transfer Protocol

FTS:Fourier Transform Spectrometer

fWN:Filtered Window (Radiances)

FZL:Freezing Level


GAC:Global Area Coverage

GACM:Global Atmospheric Composition Mission

GAMS:Gas and Aerosol Measurement Sensor

GAP:Gridded Analysis Product


GBAD:Ground Based Attitude Determination

GCC:GNU Compiler Collection

GCIP:GEWEX Continental-Phase International Project

GCM:General Circulation/Climate Model

GPCP:Global Precipitation Climatology Project

GCOS:Global Climate Observation System

GCSS:Global Cloud System Study

GDAS:Goddard Data Assimulation System

GDB:GNU Project Debugger

GEBA:Global Energy Balance Archive

GEISA:Gestion et Etude des Informations Spectroscopiques Atmospheriques

GEO:Geostationary (Narrowband Radiances)

GEO-CAPE:GEO Coastal and Air Pollution Events Mission

GEORC:GEO Regression Coefficients

GEOS:Geodetic Earth Observation Satellite

GEOSS:Global Earth Observation System of Systems (EPA)

GeoTRACE:GEO Tropsheric Air Chemistry

GERB:Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget

GEWEX:Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment

GFDL:Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

GFE:Government Furnished Equipment

GGEO:Gridded Geostationary Narrowband Radiances

GHG:GreenHouse Gases

GHRC:Global Hydroloby Research Center

GIF:Graphics Interchange Format; 8-bit color

GIF87+:Graphics Interchange Format; 8-bit color (version 87a)

GIFTS:Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer

Gig-E:Gigabit Ethernet

GIIS:General Instrument Interface Specification

GIRD:General Interface Requirements Document

GISS:Goddard Institute for Space Studies

GIST:GERB Instrument Science Team

GLAS:Geoscience Laser Altimeter System

GLDAS:Global Land Data Assimilation System

GLIS:Global Land Information System

GLORY:(Earth Climate and Atmosperic Research Satellite)

GMAO:Global Modeling and Assimilation Office

GMI:Global Modeling Initiative

GMS:Geostationary Meteorological Satellite

GMT:Greenwich Mean Time

GNCC:Guidance Navigation and Control Center

GOES:Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

GOME:Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment

GPS:Global Positioning System

GPSOS:GPS Occultation Sensor

GPSRO:GPS Radio Occultation

GrADS:Grid Analysis and Display System

GRC:Glenn Research Center

GRAMS:Ground Radiation Measurement system

GRIB:Gridded Binary (format)

GSE:Ground Support Equipment

GSFC:Goddard Space Flight Center

GSICS:Global Spacebased Inter-Calibration System

GSWP2:Globel Soil Wetness Project

GTE:Global Tropospheric Experiment

GUI:Graphical User Interface

GWTSA:Gamma-Weighed Two-Stream Approximation


HALOE:Halogen Occultation Experiment

HBTM:Hybrid Bispectral Threshold Method

HDF:Hierarchical Data Format

HDWL:Hybrid Doppler Wind Lidar

HES:Hyperspectral Environmental Sensor


HIRS:High Resolution Infared Radiation Scanner

HIS:High-Resolution Interferometer Spectrometer

HITRAN:High-resolution TRANsmission

HK:HouseKeeping (engineering data)

HL:High L atitude

HONER:Hemispherical Optimized New Radiometer


HPGL:HP-GL plotter language

HR:Heating Rate

HRDL:High-resolution Doppler Lidar

HRPT:High Resolution Picture Transmission

HSFOVR:Hemispherical Field Of View Radiometer

HSRL:High Spectral Resolution Lidar

HTML:Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP:Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HySPAR:HypertSpectral Polarimeter for Aerosol Retrievals

HyspIRI:HypertSpectral Infrared Imager


ICA:Instrument Control Assembly

ICA:Independent Column Approximation

ICA:Independent Computing Architecture

ICARTT:International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation

ICD:Interface Control Document

ICE:Integrated Cryptographic Engine

ICESat:Ice Cloud and land Elevation Satellite

ICL:Integrated Cloud Liquid

ICM:Internal Calibration Module

ICMP:Internet Control Message Protocol

ICS:Internal Calibration Subassembly (Module)

ICMP:Internet Control Message Protocol

ICP:Instrument Control microProcessor

ICRCCM:Intercomparison of Radiation Codes in Climate Models

ICS:Internal Calibration Source

ICS:Instrument Coordinate System

ICSBB:Internal Calibration Source – Black Body

IDL:Interactive Data Language

IDPS:Interface Data Processing Segment

IEEE:Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IES:Instrument Earth Scans

IFA:Intensive Flux Array

IFM:Integrated Financial Management

IFO:Intensive Field Observation

IFOV:Instantaneous Field Of View

IG:Inspector General

IGAP:International Global Aerosol Program

IGARSS:International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Seminar

IGBP:International Geosphere Biosphere Programme

IGOS:Integrated Global Observing Strategy

IGR:Instanteous Geographic Region

IIR:Imaging Infrared Radiometer

ILAS:Improved Limb Atmospheric Sounder

ILRS:International Laser Ranging Service

ILW:Integrated Liquid Water

IMA:Interpolated Daily MODIS Aerosol

IMAP:Internet Message Access Protocol

IMET:Improved METerological System

IMPACT:Interactive Modeling Project for Atmospheric Chemistry and Transport

IMS:Information Management System

IMSL:International Mathematics and Statistics Library

INDOEX:Indian Ocean Experiment

INSAT:Indian Satellite


INTEX-NA:Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment – North America


ION:IDL On the Net

IOP:Intensive Observing Period

IOT:Instrument Operations Team

IP:Internet Protocol

IPC:International Pyrheliometer Comparison

IPCC:Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

IPD:Information Processing Division

IPO:Integrated Program Office

IR:Incident Response


IRF:Instantaneous Radiative Flux

IRIS:Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer

IRR:Imaging Infrared Radiometer

IRS:International Radiation Symposium

IRT:Infrared Thermometer

IRU:Inertial Reference Unit

ISA:Instruction Set Architecture

ISCCP:International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project

ISDN:Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO:International Standards Organization

ISO:Intraseasonal Oscillations

ISS:Integrated Sounding System

IST:Instrument Support Terminal

IT:Information Technology

IT:Instrument Team

ITAR:International Traffic in Arms Regulations

ITCZ:Intertropical Convergence Zone

ITS:Information Technology Security

ITSM:Information Technology Security Manager

ITS-90:International Temperature Scale of 1990

IVICS:Interactive Visual Image Classification System

IVOS:Infrared and Visible Optical Sensors (CEOS)

IVT:Instrument Validation Tape

IWC:Ice Water Content

IWG:Instrument Working Group

IWP:Ice Water Path

IWV:Integrated Water Vapor


JBIG+:Joint Bi-level Image experts Group File interchange Format

JCDL:Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

JD:Julian Day

JERS-1:Japanese Earth Remote-sensing Satellite-1

JMA:Japan Meteorological Agency

JPEG:Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF Format

JPL:Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPSS:Joint Polar Satellite System (NOAA/NASA)

JSC:Johnson Space Center


KSC:Kennedy Space Center



LAN:Local Area Network

LAPD:Langley Policy Directive

LaRA:Langley Remote Access

LaRC:Langley Research Center

LaRCNET:LaRC Network

LASE:Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment

LaTIS:Langley TRMM Information System

LBC:Laser Beam Ceilometer

LBL:Line By Line

LBLRTM:Line-By-Line Radiative Transfer Model

LBTM:Layer Bispectral Threshold Method

LCL:Lifting Condensation Level

LDEF:Long Duration Exposure Facility

LDR:Linear Depolarization Ratio

LED:Light Emitting Diode

LEO:Low Earth Orbit

LIDAR:Light Detection and Ranging


LIS:Lightning Imaging Senosr

LITE:Lidar In-space Technology Experiment

LM:Lower Middle

LMD:Laboraoire de Meteorologie Dynamique

LMS:Langley Management System

LMS:Least Median Squares

LN:Liquid Nitrogen

LOC:Lines of Code

LOS:Lines of Sight

LOS:Loss of Signal


Lowtran 7:Low-Resolution Transmittance (Radiative Transfer Code)

LPLA:Langley Parameterized Longwave Algorithm

LPSA:Langley Parameterized Shortwave Algorithm

LRS:Low Rate Science

LST:Local Standard Time

LTE:Local Shermodynamic Equilibrium

LUT:Look Up Table

LW:Longwave (channel)

LWC:Liquid Water Content

LWP:Liquid Water Path

LWR:Longwave Radiation

LZPG:Level Zero Processing Facility


MAERI:Marine Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer

MAM:Mirror Attenuator Mosaic

MAPS:Measurement of Atmospheric Pollution from Satellites

MAPS:Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction System

MAS:MODIS Airborne Simulator

MAT:Master Archival Tape

MATCH:Model of Atmospheric Transport and CHemistry


MBL:Marine Boundary Layer

MC:Mostly Cloudy

MCIDAS:Man Computer Interactive Data Access System

MCR:Microwave Cloud Radiometer

MCRS:Multi-Cloud Retrieval System

MCST:MODIS Characterization Support Team

MCT:MODIS Calibration Team

MD5:Message Digest Algorithm 5

MDR:Minimum Detectable Radiance

MERIS:(Envisat) Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer

MERRA:Modern Era Retrospective-analysis for Research and Applications

METEOSAT:Meteorological Operational Satellite

MFOV:Medium Field-of-View


MFR:Muti-Filter Radiometer

MFRSR:Muti-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer


MIDAS:Materials In Devices As Superconductors

MIF:(Frame)Maker Interchange Format

MIFF+:Magick Image File Format, MNG Multiple-image Network Graphics

MIME:Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

MIMR:Multifrequency Imaging Microwave Radiometer

MIPS:Million Instructions Per Second

MIR:Millimeter-wave Imaging Radiometer

MISR:Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer

MJO:Madden-Julian Oscillation

MLE:Maximum Likelihood Estimator

MLI:Multi-Layer Insulation

MLS:Mid-Latitude Summer

MLTI:Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere/Ionosphere

MLW:Mid-Latitude Winter

MMS:Mission Management Software

MMCR:Millimeter Wave Cloud Radar

MMTP:Microwave Temperature Profiler

MOA:Meteorological, Ozone, and Aerosols

MOC:Mission Operations Center

MOD02:MODIS-Terra Level 1B Calibrated Radiances Product

MOD03:MODIS-Terra Level 1B Geolocation Product

MOD04:MODIS-Terra Instantaneous Aerosol Product

MOD06:MODIS-Terra Cloud Property Product

MOD08:MODIS-Terra Daily Aerosol Product

MOD11:MODIS Land and Surface Product

MODIS:Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer

MODM:Monochromatic Optical Depth

MODTRAN:Model Transfer

MONO:Bi-level bitmap in least-significant-byte first order

MOPITT:Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere

MPACE:Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment

MPEG:Moving Pictures Expert Group

MPI:Message Passing Interface

MPICH:Message Passing Interface Chameleon

MPL:Micro-pulse Lidar

MPLNET:Micro-pulse Lidar Network

MRF:Medium-Range Forecast

MRTG:Multi Router Traffic Grapher

MSRC:Marshall Space Flight Center

MSG:MeteoSat Second Generation (Program)

MSI:MultiSpectral Imaging

MSIR:MultiSpectral Infrared Retrieval

MSL:Mean Sea Level

MSPI:Multiangle SpectroPolarimetric Imager

MSMR:Multispectral, Multiresolution

MSU:Microwave Sounding Unit

MSX:Mid-Course Space Experiment

MTF:Modulation Transfer Function

MTP:Microwave Temperature Profiler

MTSA:Monthly Time/Space Averaging

MTSAT-1R:Multi-functional Transport Satellite-1 Replacement

MTV+:MTV Raytracing Image Format

MVI:Microwave Visible Infrared

MWH:Microwave Humidity

MWR:Microwave Radiometer

MWSR:Microwave Water Substance Radiometer

MYD04:MODIS-Aqua Instantaneous Aerosol Product

MYD06:MODIS-Aqua Cloud Property Product

MYD08:MODIS-Aqua Daily Aerosol Product


NAD:Network Address Drop

NAG:Numerical Algorithms Group

NARSTO:North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone

NASA:National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASDA:National Space Development Agency (Japan)

NAST:NPOESS Airborne Sounder Testbed

NASIRC:NASA Incident Response Center

NAT:Network Address Translation

NB:Narrow Band

NB-BB:Narrow Band to Broad Band

NBL:Nocturnal Boundary Layer

NBTD:Negative Brightness Temperature Differences

NCAR:National Center for Atmospheric Research

NCDC:National Climatic Data Center

NCDS:NASA Climate Data System

NCEP:National Centers for Environmental Predictions

NCSA:National Center for Supercomputing Applications

NDNR:Normalized Differences of Nadir Reflectivity

NDBC:National Data Buoy Center (NOAA)

NDVI:Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

NEMS:NASA Equipment Management System

NEP:Noise Equivalent Power

NESDIS:National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

NetCDF:Network Common Data Format

NEWS:NASA Energy and Water System

NEXRAD:Next-generation Radar

NFBB:Narrow Field BlackBody

NFOV:Narrow Field-of-View

NFS:Network File System

NGA:National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NGDC:National Geophysical Data Center

NGS:National Geodetic Survey

NIA:National Institute of Aerospace

NICSE:NPP Instrument Calibration Support Element

NIMA:National Imagery and Mapping Agency (now NGA)

NIMFR:Normal Incidence Multi-Filter Radiometer

NIP:Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer

NIR:Near Infrared

NISE:Near-real time Ice and Snow Extent

NISN:NASA Integrated Services Network

NIST:National Institute of Standards and Technology

NMC:National Meteorological Center

NMHS:National Meteorological and Hydrological Services

NNLS:Non-Negative Least Squares

NOAA:National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOW:Notice of Work

NPD:NASA Policy Directive

NPG:NASA Procedures and Guidance

NPOESS:National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System

NPP:NPOESS Preparatory Project

NQS:Network Queuing System

NRB:Normalized Relative Backscatter

NREL:National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NRL:Naval Research Laboratory

NS:Non-Scanner (ERBE)

NSA:North Slope of Alaska

NSF:National Science Foundation

NSIDC:National Snow and Ice Data Center

NSSDC:National Space Science Data Center

NTP:Network Time Protocol

N3RT:Nighttime 3-channel Retrieval Technique

NVAP:NASA Water Vapor Project

NWP:Numerical Weather Prediction

NWS:National Weather Service


OA:Operations Agreement


OASIS:Ocean-Atmosphere-SeaIce-Snowpack campaign

OASIS:Optical Active-passive Remote Sensing Instrument Suite

OCIO:Office of the Chief Information Officer

OCO:Orbiting Carbon Observatory

OCR:Optical Character Reader

ODIN:Outsourcing the Desktop Initiative

ODS:One Day Sequence

OLR:Outgoing Longwave Radiation

OMI:Ozone Monitoring Instrument

OMPS:Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite

OOAM:Orbiting Ozone and Aerosal Measurement

OPC:Optical Particle Counter

OPD:Ozone Profile Data

OS:Operating System

OSSE:Observing System Simulation Experiments

OSSE:Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment (NRL)

OSU:Oregon State University

OUM:Organizational Unit Managers (LaRC)



P7:Xv’s Visual Schnauzer Format

PABSI:Profiling Oxygen A-band Spectrometer/visible Integer

Pacor-A:Packet Processor Automation

PAM:Pluggable Authentication Module

PAN:Product Acceptance Notification

PAO:Public Affairs Officer

PAPS:Programmable Azimuth Plane Scan

PAR:Photosynthetically Active Radiation

PARAGON:Progressive Aerosol Retrieval and Assimilation Global Observing Network

PARASOL:Polarization and Anistropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Sciences coupled with Observations from a Lidar

PAT:Processed Archival Tape

PB5:Parallel-grouped Binary Version 5

PBL:Planetary Boundary Layer

PBM+:Portable Bitmap Format (black and white)

PC:Personal Computer

PC:Partly Cloudy

PCA:Power Converter Assembly

PCD:Photo CD

PCF:Process Control File

PCI:Peripheral Component Interconnect

PCL:Page Control Language

PCP:Partly Cloudy Pixel

PCX:ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush File

PDF:Portable Document Format

PDF:Probability Distribution Function

PDL:Polarization Diversity Lidar

PDR:Product Subscription Request

PDS:Production Data Set

PEATE:Product Evaluation and Analysis Tool Element

PFM:Prototype Flight Model (on TRMM)

PGE:Product Generation Executive

PGM+:Portable Graymap Format (gray scale)

PGS:Product Generation System

PHP:PHP: Hypertext Processor

PI:Principal Investigator

PIC:Process Improvement Committee

PICT:Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT File

PIR:Precision Infrared Radiometer

PIX:Alias/Wavefront RLE Image Format

PKI:Public Key Infrastructure

PLASMA:Plasma fractal image

PML:Perfectly Matched Layer

PMOA:Post Meteorological, Ozone, and Aerosols

PNG:Portable Network Graphics

PNM+:Portable anymap

POAM:Polar Ozone and Aerosol Experiment

POCC:Payload Operations and Control Center

POEM:Polar-Orbit Earth Observation Mission

POES:Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite

POLDER:POLarization and Directionality of the Earth’s Reflectances

POSIX:Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments

POWER:Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resources

PPA:Plane Parallel Approximation

PPM+:Portable Pixmap Format (color)

PPS:Principal Plane Scan

PR:Precipitation Radar

PRES8:Preliminary ERBE-like Science Data Product 8


PROM:Programmable Read Only Memory

PRT:Platinum Resistance Thermometers

PS+:Adobe PostScript File

PS2+:Adobe Level II PostScript File

PSA:Product Specific Attribute

PSAP:Particle/Soot Absorption Photometer

PSC:Polar Stratospheric Cloud

PSD:Adobe Photoshop bitmap File

PSF:Point Spread Function

PSOE:Project Science Office Element

PSRF:Point Spread Response Function

PSP:Precision Spectral Pyranometer

PTOST:Pacific-THORpex Observing System Test

PTS:Problem Tracking System

PVCS:Poly Version Control System

PW:Precipitable Water

PWS:Present Weather Sensor

PWV:Precipitable Water Vapor


QA:Quality Assessment/Quality Assurance

QC:Quality Control

QDS:Quick-look Data Set

QME:Quality Measurement Experiment


RAB:Radiation and Aerosols Branch

RAD:Radiance Image Format

RADAGAST:Radiative Atmospheric Divergence using ARM mobile facility, GERB data, and AMMA STations

RAID:Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

RAM:Read Accessible Memory

RAM:RAM-Direction (pointing in forward velocity vector)

RAP:Rotating Azimuth Plane

RAOB:Radiosonde Observation

RAOBS:RAdar Oxygen Barometric Sensor

RAPRAD:Rapid Radiation Transfer Model

RAPS:Rotating Azimuth Plane Scan

RAQMS:Regional Air Quality Modeling System

RAT:Raw Archival Tape

RBSP:Radiation Budget Science Project

RCC:Radiometer Calibration and Characterization

RCS:Remote Cloud Sensing

RDR:Raw Data Record

REA:Relay Electronics Assembly

Re:Effective Radius

RF:Radio frequency

RFA:Radiative Flux Assessment

RFP:Request for Proposal

RFQ:Request for Quotation

RGB:Raw red, green, and blue bytes

RGBA:Raw red, green, blue and matte bytes

RH:Relative Humidity

RIS:Raster Image Set

RL:Raman Lidar

RLA:Alias/Wavefront image File

RLE:Utah Run length encoded image File

RMIB:Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

RMS:Root Mean Square

ROM:Read Only Memory

ROSES:Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences

RPC:Remote Procedure Calls

RPM:Radiance Pairs Method (ADMs)

RRD:Round Robin Database

RRTM:Rapid Radiative Transfer Model

RSA:Rivest, Shamir and Adleman (cryptographic algorithm)

RSS:Rotating Shadowband Spectroradiometer

RT:Radiative Transfer

RTCS:Relative Time Command Sequence

RTCU:Remote Telemetry Control Unit (CCSDS)

RTM:Radiometer Test Model

RTM:Radiative Transfer Models

RWP:Radar Wind Profiler


S-2:ERBE Science Data Product 2

S-4N:ERBE Science Data Product 4 for Nonscanner Data

S-7:ERBE Science Data Product 7

S-8:ERBE Science Data Product 8

S4P:Simple Scalable Script-based Science Processor

SA:Systems Administrator

SABER:Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry

SABL:Scanning Aerosol Backscatter Lidar

SAGE:Stratospheric Aerosol and Gaseous Experiment

SAH:Surface Albedo History (map)

SAM:Stratospheric Aerosol Measurement

SAN:Storage Area Network

SAR:System Activity Reporter (UNIX system utility)

SARB:Surface and Atmosphere Radiation Budget

SAS:Solar Aspect Sensor

SBUV-2:Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet/Version 2

SCALES:SEVIRI&GERB Calibration/Validation for Large-scale field Experiments

SCAR-A:Smoke/Sulfates, Clouds and Radiation – America

SCAR-B:Smoke/Sulfates, Clouds and Radiation – Brazil

ScaRab:Scanner for Radiation Budget

SCC:Spectral Correction Coefficients

SCCR:Software Configuration Change Request

SCCS:Software Configuration Change System

SCF:Science Computing Facility

SCIAMACHY:Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chartography

SCIF:SpaceCraft InterFace

SCM:Single-Column Model

SCM:Spatial Coherence Method

SCNNLS:Smoothness Constrained Non-Negative Least Squares

S’COOL:Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line

SCSI:Small Computer Systems Interface

SCVPRF:Software Change Verification and Program Release Form

SD:Science Directorate (formerly AtSC)

SD3E:Science Data Distribution and Depository Element

SDCD:Solar Distance Correction and Declination

SDP:Science Data Processing

SDPF:Sensor Data Processing Facility

SDR:Sensor Data Record

SDS:Scientific Data Set

SDS:Science Data Segment

SeaDAS:Sea-viewing Data Analysis System

SEC:System Engineering Committee

SEO:Site Engine Optimization

SER:Systems Engineering Report

SESS:Space Environment Sensor Suite

SFC:Hourly Gridded Single Satellite TOA/Surface Fluxes and Clouds

SFE:Science Formatting Equipment

SGI:Silicon Graphics Incorporated

SGI+:Irix RGB image File

SGP:Southern Great Plains

SHEBA:Surface Heat Budget in the Arctic

SHTML:Hypertext Markup Language with a client-side image map

SIO:Scripps Institution of Oceanography

SIPD:Silicon PhotoDiode (SWICS)

SIPS:Science Investigator Processing System

SIR:Solar Infrared

SIROS:Solar and infrared observing system

SIRS:Solar Infrared Station

SIRTA:Site Instrumental de Recherche par Teledetection Atmospheric

SIT:Set In Testing

SMA:Solar Monitor Assembly (ERBE)

SMA:Sensor Module Assembly (CERES)

SMAP:Soil Moisture Active-Passive mission

SMEL:Software Media Electronic Library

SMM:Solar Maximum Mission

SMMR:Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer

SMOBA:Stratospheric Monitoring Group Ozone Blended Analysis

SMS:Synchronous Meteorological Satellite

SMTP:Simple Mail Transport Protocol

SNMP:Simple Network Monitoring Protocol

SNR:Signal-to-Noise Ratio

SOCC:Satellite Operations and Control Center

SOCRATES:Special Operations of CERES RAdiative Transfer Experiment Sites

SOFA:Surface Only Flux Algorithms

SOHO:Solar Heliospheric Observatory

SORCE:Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment

SORTI:Solar Radiance Transmittance Interferometer

SPD:SSI&T Procedures Document

SPECTRE:Spectral Radiance Experiment

SPIE:Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

SPOT:Systeme pour l’observation de la Terra (France)

SPS:Solar Presence Sensor

SQL:Standard Query Language

SRB:Surface Radiation Budget

SRBAVG:Surface Radiation Budget Average

SRF:Spectral Response Function

SRL:Scanning Raman Lidar


SSA:Single-Scattering Albedo

SSA:Sensor Scan Assembly

SSAI:Science System and Application, Incorporated

SSAI:Single Satellite Footprint, Aerosol, Intermediate

SSC:Stennis Space Center

SSDR:Subsystem Design Review

SSE:Surface meteorology and Solar Energy

SSF:Single Scanner CERES Footprint TOA and Surface Fluxes, Clouds

SSFA:Single Scanner Footprint, Aerosol

SSFAI:Single Scanner Footprint, Aerosol, Intermediate

SSFB:Single Scanner Footprint, Binary

SSFI:Single Scanner Footprint, TOA and Surface Flux, Clouds Interim

SSFR:Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer

SSH:Secure Shell

SSI&T:Science Software Integration and Test

SSL:Secure Socket Layer

SSM/I:Special Sensor Microwave/Imager

SSP:Scanning Spectral Polarimeter

SST:Sea-surface temperature

STIP:Stored TIROS Information Processor

STK:Satellite Tool Kit

SUCCESS:SUbsonic aircraft: Contral and Clouds Effects Special Study

SUID:Set User IDentification number

SUN+:SUN Rasterfile

SURFMAP:Surface Map

SURFRAD:Surface Radiation Budget Network

SVG:Scalable Vector Graphics

SW:Shortwave (channel)

SWERA:Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment Project

SWICS:Shortwave Internal Calibration Source

SWOT:Surface Water Ocean Topography

SWR:Shortwave Radiation

SWRS:Shortwave Reference Source

SWS:Shortwave Spectroradiometer

SWV:Slant Water Vapor

SYN:Synoptic Radiative Fluxes and Clouds

SYNI:Synoptic Radiative Fluxes and Clouds Intermediate

SZA:Solar Zenith Angle


TAFTS:Tropospheric Airborne Fourier Transform Spectrometer

TAM:Technical Analysis Memorandum

TAO:Tropical Atmosphere Ocean

TAR:Technical Analysis Report

TARFOX:Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment


TBD:To Be Determined

TCP/IP:Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

2DC:Two-dimensional Cloud

TDDR:Total Direct Diffuse Radiometer

TDLAS:Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer

TDMA:Time Division Multiple Access

TDRSS:Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System

TEA:Transverse-Excited Atmospheric Pressure

TEC:Thermoelectric Cooler

TEJ:Tropical Easterly Jet

TES:Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer

TGA+:Truevision Targa image File

TGT:TDRSS Ground Terminal

THIR:Temperature/Humidity Infrared Radiometer (Nimbus)

THORpex:THe Observing-system Research and predictability experiment

3D-WINDS:Three Dimensional Troposheric Winds from Space-based Lidar

THWAPS:Temperature, Humidity, Winds, and Pressure System

TIFF:Tagged Image File Format

TIFF24+:Tagged Image File Format, 24-bit

TILE:Tile image with a texture


TIMED:Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Energetics, and Dynamics

TIPA:Tilted independent Pixel Approximation

TIROS:Television Infrared Observing Satellite

TISA:Time Interpolation and Spatial Averaging

TKE:Turbulent Kinetic Energy

TL:Total (channel)


TLS:Total, Longwave, and Shortwave

TLS:Transport Layer Security

TM:Thematic Mapper

TMF:Time Mark and Frequency

TMI:TRMM Microwave Imager

TMI:Telemetry, Merge, and Inversion (ERBE processor)


TODL:Time Ordered Down Link

TOGA:Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere

TOMS:Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer

TONS:TDRS Onboard Navigation System

TOPEX:Ocean TOPography EXperiment

TOST:THORPEX Observing System Test

TOT:Total (channel)

TOVS:TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder

TP:Temperature Profiling

TRACE-P:Transport and Chemical Evolution over the Pacific

TRMM:Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission

TSA:Time-Space Averaging

TSBR:Total broadband radiometer

TSDIS:TRMM Science Data Information System

TSI:Time-Space Interpolation

TSI:Total Solar Irradiance

TSIB:Time-Space Interpolation, Binary

TSIS:Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor

TSS:TDRSS Service Session

TTF:TrueType font File

TTSS:Tropospheric Trace Species Sensing

TUVR:Total Ultraviolet Radiometer

TWP:Tropical Western Pacific

TWP-ICE:Tropical Warm Pool-International Cloud Experiment


UARS:Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite

UAV:Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle

UDP:User Datagram Protocol

ufLW:UnFiltered Longwave (Radiances)

ufSW:UnFiltered Shortwave (Radiances)

ufTOT:UnFiltered Total (Radiances)

ufWN:UnFiltered Window (Radiances)

UFS:Unix File System

UID:Unique IDentifer

UID:User IDentification Number

UIID:Unique Instrument Interface Document

UIL:X-Motif UIL table

UIR:Upwelling Infrared Radiometer

UKMO:United Kingdom Meterological Office

ULDB:Ultra Long Duration Balloon

UM:Upper Middle

UNEP:United Nations Enviornmental Programme

UNITE:User Navigation Information and Tool Evolution

UPS:Uninterruptible Power Supply

URL:Uniform Resource Locator

US-CERT:United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team

USGCRP:United States Global Change Research Program

USGS:U.S. Geologic Survey

USR:Upwelling Solar Radiation

UT:Universal Time

UTC:Universal Time Code

UTLS:Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere


UVA:Ultraviolet A

UVB:Ultraviolet B

UV DIAL:Ultraviolet Differential Absorption Lidar

UVSR:Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer

UYVY:Interleaved YUV


V-3N:ERBE Validation Data Product 3 for Nonscanner Datay

VAD:Velocity-Azimuth Display

VAOT:VIIRS Aerosol Optical Depth

VAS:VISSR Atmospheric Sounder

VC:Virtual Channel (CCSDS)

VCDU:Virtual Channel Data Unit (CCSDS)

VCID:Virtual Channel Identifier (CCSDS)

VDA:Variational Data Assimilation

VIFF+:Khoros Visualization image File

VIIRS:Visible/Infrared Imager/Radiometer Suite

VIRS:Visible and Infrared Scanner (TRMM)

VIMD:VIIRS Imagery Moderate Day/Night

VIPS:Video ice Particle Sampler

VIRS:Visible Infrared Scanner


VISSR:Visible Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer

VISST:Visible Infrared Solar-infrared Split-Window Technique

VIST:Visible and Infrared Split-window Technique

VOCAR:Variation of Coastal Atmospheric Refractivity

VPD:Vapor pressure deficit

VPN:Virtual Private Network

VR:Verification Report

VZA:Viewing Zenith Angle


WCRP:World Climate Research Program

WFBB:Wide Field BlackBody

WFOV:Wide Field-of-View

WG:Working Group

WMO:World Meteorological Organization

WN:Window (channel)

WP:Warm Pool

WOTIS:Wallops Orbital Tracking and Information System

WOTS:Wallops Orbital Tracking Station

WRC:World Radiation Center

WRR:World Radiometric Reference

WSG:World Standard Group

WSI:Whole Sky Imager

WV:Water Vapor

WVP:Water Vapor Profiling

WVR:Water Vapor Radiometer

WWW:World Wide Web

W2K:Windows 2000

W3C:World Wide Web Consortium


XBM:X11 Bitmap File

XHTML:Extensible HyperText Markup Language

XLV:Extended Logical Volume

XML:Extensible Markup Language

XOVWM:Extended Ocean Vector Winds Mission (color)

XPM:X Windows system Pixmap File (color)

XSL:Extensible Style Language

XSLT:Extensible Style Language Transformation


XWD:X Windows system window dump File (color)


Y2K:Year 2000

YUV+:CCIR 601 4:1:1 File


ZAVG:Monthly Zonal and Global Average Radiative Fluxes and Clouds

ZWD:Zenith Wet Delay