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CERES Science Team Members

To learn more about an individual member of the CERES Science Team associated with the Langley Science Directorate, click on his/her name.

  Principal Investigator Role
Picture of Norm Loeb Dr. Norman Loeb Principal Investigator
The Principal Investigator is charged with the overall performance of the CERES project.
  Co-Investigators Role
Picture of Lin Chambers Dr. Lin Chambers Education and Communication Lead
The Communication group provides information and resources for students, teachers and citizen scientists.
Picture of David Doelling David Doelling TISA Working Group Chair
The TISA objectives are to spatially and temporally average the CERES footprint fluxes and clouds into CERES level-3 daily/monthly gridded products.
Picture of Jonathan Gleason Jonathan Gleason Data Management Team Lead
The Data Management Team manages the production software for producing the CERES data products.
Picture of Seiji Kato Dr. Seiji Kato SARB Working Group Chair
The SARB group specializes in full vertical profile of fluxes in the atomosphere and at the surface.
Picture of Dave Kratz Dr. David Kratz SOFA Working Group Chair
Picture of Kathleen Moore Dejwakh Dr. Kathleen Dejwakh Data Management Team Lead
The Data Management Team manages the production software for producing the CERES data products.
Picture of Kory Priestley Dr. Kory Priestley Project Scientist and Instrument Working Group Chair
Picture of Mohan Shankar Dr. Mohan Shankar Deputy Project Scientist
Picture of William Smith Dr. William Smith Clouds Working Group Chair
Picture of Paul Stackhouse Dr. Paul Stackhouse Flashflux Working Group Lead
Picture of Wenying Su Dr. Wenying Su ADM Working Group Chair
Picture of Tak Wong Dr. Takmeng "Tak" Wong ERBE-like Working Group Chair

CERES Program Scientist
Location Email
Dr. David Considine link to external site Earth Science Division, Science Mission Directorate
Mail Suite 3B74,
NASA Headquarters,
Washington, DC 20546-0001
Phone: 202-358-2277

Additional Members Affiliation
Richard Allan University of Reading
Myles R. Allen University of Oxford
John Augustine NOAA/ESRL
Philip Austin University of British Columbia
Rich Bantges Imperial College London
Howard W. Barker Environment Canada
George J. Boer University of Victoria
Robert Burgman University of Miami
Amy Clement University of Miami
James Coakley Oregon State University
Fu-Lung Chang NASA Langley/NIA
James Closs NASA Langley/SSAI
William Collins University of California, Berkeley
Jason Cole University of British Columbia
Lisa Coleman NASA Langley/SSAI
Anthony Del Genio NASA GISS
Charlotte DeMott Colorado State University
Andrew Dessler Texas A&M University
Steven Dewitte Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Xiquang Dong University of North Dakota
Ells Dutton NOAA/ESRL
Zachary Eitzen NASA Langley/SSAI
Brian Fabbri NASA Langley/SSAI
John Fasullo NCAR
David Fillmore Tech-X Corporation
Shashi Gupta NASA Langley/SSAI
Laura Hinkelman University of Washington
Stephen Hudson University of Washington
Gang Hong Texas A&M University
Xianglei Huang University of Michigan
David Henderson Colorado State University
Alexander Ignatov NOAA/NESDIS
Zhonghai Jin NASA Langley/SSAI
Aaron Kennedy University of North Dakota
Jeff Kiehl NCAR
Edward Kizer NASA Langley/SSAI
John Kusterer NASA Langley
Istvan Laszlo NOAA & UMD
Hai-Tien Lee University of Maryland
Yue Li Texas A&M University
Lusheng Liang NASA Langley/SSAI
Bing Lin NASA Langley
Matt Lebsock Colorado State University
Craig S. Long NOAA/NCEP
Nitchie Manalo-Smith NASA Langley/SSAI
Marty Mlynczak NASA Langley
Pam Mlynczak NASA Langley/SSAI
Leslie Moy University of Wisconsin
Louis Nguyen NASA Langley
Robert Pincus NOAA/ESRL
Jerry Potter University of California, Davis
Dave Randall Colorado State University
Michelle Rienecker NASA Goddard
Remy Roca Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique
Gerard Roe University of Washington
Fred Rose NASA Langley/SSAI
David Rutan NASA Langley/SSAI
Gavin Schmidt NASA GISS
Greg Schuster NASA Langley
David Sexton Hadley Center UK
Lou Smith NASA Langley/NIA
Brian Soden University of Miami
Graeme Stephens NASA JPL
Fengying Sun NOAA/NESDIS
Wenbo Sun NASA Langley/SSAI
Sunny Sun-Mack NASA Langley/SSAI
Joel Susskind NASA Goddard
Peter Szweczyk NASA Langley/SSAI
Patrick Taylor NASA Langley
Kevin Trenberth NCAR
Susan Thomas NASA Langley/SSAI
Dave Turner University of Wisconsin
Stephen Warren University of Washington
Betsy Weatherhead University of Washington
Mark Webb Hadley Center UK
Dave Winker NASA Langley
Bruce Wielicki NASA Langley
Man Li C Wu NASA Goddard
Baike Xi University of North Dakota
Kuan-Man Xu NASA Langley
Ping Yang Texas A&M University
Yu Xie Texas A&M University
Xuepeng (Tom) Zhao NOAA/NESDIS
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