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Dr. Kathleen Dejwakh

Dr. Kathleen DejwakhAs the CERES Data Management Team (DMT) lead, Katie Dejwakh oversees data production, from software development to data distribution. In doing so, she ensures the integrity and availability of data products. Dr. Dejwakh coordinates with her team consisting of members with a wide-range of expertise.

The CERES Data Management Team (DMT) is responsible for testing and integration of CERES production software and for generating data products. The DMT ensures quality, validity, and availability of data products and associated documentation in support of public distribution of data products. All software used to produce CERES Level 1 – 3 data products is written, maintained and configured by the DMT. The DMT also maintains workflow automation and configuration management tools that facilitate data production.

Contact Information

NASA Langley Research Center
Mail Stop 420, Hampton, VA 23681-2199

Phone: 757-864-4509

Fax: 757-864-7996



Research Interest

Multispectral data capture, appearance acquisition, computer vision, and computer science pedagogy.



Moore, Kathleen D. A Software Engineering Paradigm for Quick-turnaround Earth Science Data Projects. Abstract (IN23E-03) presented at 2016 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA ,12-16 Dec.


Dong, B., Moore K.D., Zhang, W., and Peers, P. Scattering parameters and surface normals from homogeneous translucent materials using photometric stereo, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 2014. doi: 10.1109/CVPR.2014.294.


Moore, K.D. and Peers, P. An empirical study on the effects of translucency on photometric stereo. The Visual Computer 2013. doi: 10.1007/s00371-013-0832-2.


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