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36th CERES-II Science Team Meeting – October 2021

Meeting Minutes / Presentations

Meeting Agenda [PDF]


Major Objectives for the Meeting:

  1. Review status of CERES Instruments and Data Products:
    • Status of CERES
    • CERES FM1-FM6 Calibration Update
    • MODIS, VIIRS GEO Cloud Algorithm & Validation Status
    • ADM, SARB, TISA and FLASHFlux Working Group Reports
    • EBAF Update
    • Data Management Team Update: Terra/Aqua/S-NPP/NOAA-20
    • Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) Update

  2. Invited Presentations Session. Each presentation is 45 min including time for questions.

  3. Contributed Science Reports. Each report is 20 min including time for questions.

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, October 12

 CERES Technical Session
10:00 am State of CERES N. Loeb
10:20 am CERES FM1-FM6 Instrument Update M. Shankar
10:50 am CERES Clouds Working Group Report B. Smith
11:20 am CERES Angular Distribution Model (ADM) Working Group Report W. Su
11:50 am Lunch
1:30 pm Surface Atmospheric Radiation Budget (SARB) Working Group Update S. Kato
1:50 pm Time Interpolation and Spatial Averaging (TISA) Working Group: Update
[Presentation Recording ]
D. Doelling
2:20 pm EBAF Update [Presentation Recording ]
EBAF-Surface Update
N. Loeb
S. Kato
3:00 pm FLASHFlux Update P. Stackhouse
3:20 pm CERES Data Management Team (DMT) Working Group Report
[Presentation Recording ]
K. Dejwakh
3:50 pmAdjourn

Wednesday, October 13

 Contibuted Science Presentations
10:00 am Combining the MODIS COSP product with CERES gridded data to evaluate the radiation budget of the GEOS model L. Oreopoulos
10:20 am Pattern effect on cloud feedback in CERES
[Presentation Recording ]
L.-W. Chao
10:40 am Experiments using CERES observations of the moon to supplement the Cal/Val protocol K. Priestley
11:00 am Libera Status and Update P. Pilewskie
11:20 am Earth’s energy imbalance from the ocean perspective (2005-2019) M. Hakuba
11:40 amLunch
 Invited Science Presentations
1:00 pm Observational constraint on cloud feedbacks suggests moderate climate sensitivity
[Presentation Recording ]
G. Cesana
1:45 pm Passive microwave sea ice products at NSIDC: Summary of methods and usage
[Presentation Recording ]
W. Meier
2:50 pm Introducing the U.S. National Ice Center Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System W. Clark
3:10 pm Exploring the use of CERES data for providing observational constraints on Arctic Warming P. Taylor
3:30 pm Towards a more realistic representation of surface albedo in NASA CERES satellite products: a comparison with MOSAiC field campaign Y. Huang
3:50 pm On the use of CERES SSF dataset to understand different machine-learning algorithms for clear-sky detections in infrared hyperspectral observations X. Huang
4:10 pm Improvement of CCCM Irradiance Computations from RelB1 to RelD1
[Presentation Recording ]
S.-H. Ham
4:30 pmAdjourn

Thursday, October 14

 Contributed Science Presentations (Cont’d)
10:00 am CMSAF AVHRR-based CDR of TOA radiative fluxes (CLARA-A3): preliminary results and validation T. Akkermans
10:20 am Exploring Earth’s Entropy Production Rate Using CERES Data G. Gibbins
10:40 am Status update on GMAO’s upcoming GEOS-IT and GEOS-R21C retrospective analyses G. Partyka
11:00 am A New Two Habit Model: Changes and Improvements Compared to the Previous Database J. Coy
11:20 amBreak
11:40 am Data versus theory update
[Presentation Recording ]
M. Zagoni
12:00 pm Non-Gaussian Distribution of the TOA SW Flux from MISR and CERES
[Presentation Recording ]
J. Lee
12:20 pm Trends in Earth’s Energy Flows Since 2000
[Presentation Recording ]
N. Loeb
12:40 pmAdjourn