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3rd CERES-II Science Team Meeting - May 2005

May 3-5, 2005
GFDL, Princeton, NJ


Tuesday, May 3
08:30 Meeting Logistics, Welcome L. Donner/Anna Valerio
NASA Roadmaps/Deecadal Survey
B. Wielicki
09:10 Terra/Aqua Instrument Calibration Summary K. Priestley
10:10 Break
10:30 4 years of Terra SSF Fluxes with RAP trend corrections N. Loeb
10:50 Aqua/Terra Cloud Properties [17.29 MB] P. Minnis
11:30 CERES Angular Distribution Models N. Loeb
12:15 Terra SSF Simple Surface Fluxes  [38.75MB] D. Kratz/S. Gupta
12:30 Lunch
13:30 CERES SARB On-line Fu-Liou Radiative Transfer Code Differential 200503 Version D. Rutan
13:45 Terra CRS Surface Flux Accuracy in Edition 2 T. Charlock
14:15 Terra Gridded Monthly Data: with and without Geo D. Doelling
15:15 Global Net Radiation B. Wielicki
15:30 Break
16:00 ERBS Edition 3 Nonscanner Reprocessing/trends T. Wong
16:20 ERBS Global Net Radiation and Ocean Heat Storage B. Wielicki
16:40 Earthshine vs. CERES for 2000 to 2004 N. Loeb
17:00 Discussion on radiation trends B. Wielicki/All
17:30 Adjourn

Wednesday, May 4
08:15 Working Group Sessions

Angular Modeling (Loeb et al.)
Surface to TOA Fluxes (Charlock, et al.)
Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.)
Invited Presentations
09:30 GFDL Climate Modeling Leo Donner
10:15 LaRC Cloud Resolving Modeling K. Xu
10:45 Break
11:15 Modeling/Observation Comparisons: New Approaches B. Wielicki
11:45 Discussion of climate model and observation directions, challenges Donner/Wielicki Lead
12:30 Lunch
Co-I Reports
13:30 Late 20th century behavior of the Hadley cell A. Clement/C. Mitas
13:50 Clear-sky radiative damping rates and climate feedback B. Soden
14:10 Interpretation of 1997/98 El Nino cloud structure anomalies R. Cess/M. Sun
14:30 Effect of environmental conditions on deep convection B. Lin et al.
14:50 Principle component analysis of surface diurnal fluxes G.L. Smith et al
15:10 TOA total direct aerosol radiative effect N. Loeb
15:30 Break
16:00 Aerosol assimilation using MODIS and MISR  [10.37MB] W. Collins
16:20 Consistency of Terra/Aqua aerosols A. Ignatov
16:40 Sensitivity of Cloud Systems to Thermodynamic States Z. Eitzen
17:00 Climate Calibration Observatory mission concept B. Wielicki
17:20 Adjourn

Thursday, May 5
08:30 Surface radiation budget J. Mace et al
08:50 Surface/atmosphere/TOA radiation budget at ARM SGP/TWP X. Dong/B. Xi
09:10 Comparison of surface and satellite cloud trends over ARM NSA  [12.94MB] T. Uttal/Sun-Mack
09:30 Errors in ignoring 3-D radiative transfer for SW fluxes S. Kato
09:50 CERES and model comparisons over clear ocean and snow Z. Jin
10:10 Break
10:30 Partly cloudy pixel retrievals J. Coakley et al.
10:50 SMOBA ozone retrievals S. Yang/A. Miller
11:10 CERES Data Management and Data Product Status M. Little/E. Geier
11:40 Langley ASDC DAAC User Services E. Kizer
11:55 S'COOL Education Outreach Status  [42.57MB] L. Chambers
12:10 Action Items, Final Discussion B. Wielicki
12:30 Adjourn

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