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28th CERES-I Science Team Meeting – May 2003

May 6-8, 2003
Norfolk, Virginia

Meeting Summary

Major Objectives for the Meeting:

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

8:30 Meeting Logistics, Welcome Shannon Lynch
8:40 Meeting Objectives, State of CCSP/EOS/CERES/NPOESS B. Wielicki
9:15 Terra/Aqua Instrument Calibration Status K. Priestley
10:00 Terra Edition 2 ERBE-Like TOA Flux Time Series T. Wong
10:30 Break
11:00 TRMM/Terra SRBAVG, SYN, AVG Status D. Young, D. Doelling
11:45 TRMM/Terra CRS Results and Status T. Charlock, et al.
12:30 Lunch
2:00 Terra SSF Simple Surface Fluxes Validation D. Kratz
2:30 Results from preliminary Terra ADMs N. Loeb et al.
3:30 Break
4:00 Terra SSF Edition 1 MODIS Cloud Validation, early Aqua P. Minnis et al.
4:45 CERES Data Management and Data Product Status M. Little, E. Geier
5:00 Langley ASDC DAAC User Services J. Koziana
5:15 S’COOL Update L. Chambers, D. Young
5:30 Adjourn

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Working Group Sessions
8:30 TOA Flux Working Group
  –  Longwave Anisotropy: A Solar Zenith Angle Perpective Arvind V. Gambheer, D. Doelling, P. Minnis
SARB Working Group
  –  Comparison of Helicopter and SARB/CRS Derived Surface Albedo at ARM SGP D. Rutan, T. Charlock, F. Rose, J. Madigan, and K. Rutledge
  –  SARB CRS Aerosols F. Rose
  –  Various SARB Issues in TRMM and Terra T. Charlock
Clouds Working Group
  –  Dawning of the Age of Aqua Qingyuan Han
  –  Tow Sources of Uncertainty in Retrieval of Ice Cloud Properties P. Minnis
Invited Presentations
10:30 GERB Status G. Matthews
11:00 Cloud Systems: MOdels vs CERES Cloud/Flux Data T. Wong, Z. Eitzen
11:45 Validation of LaRC-derived MODIS Cloud Properties Using the ARM SGP and NSA Measurements X. Dong
12:15 Lunch
Co-I Reports
1:45 The July 16 Cirrus Anvil Case Study from Crystal FACE J. Mace
2:05 Cloud Properties for Partly Cloudy Imager Pixels: Consistency Checks and Implications J. Coakley, W. Tahnk
2:25 Cloud Ice Water Path and Vertical Structure/TRMM B. Lin
2:45 Testing the Impact of Clouds on the Radiation Budgets of 18 General Circulation Models R. Cess
3:05 Atmospheric longwave cooling over the tropical oceans: The role of continuum and the water vapor rotation and vibration-rotation bands inferred from CERES data Inamdar, Ramanathan
3:25 Break
3:55 An AMIP Simulation Using the Current NCEP Model S. K. Yang
4:25 CERES and MODIS Team Daytime Cloud Cover Estimates versus Surface Instruments at the NSA ARM site T. A. Berendes, D. A. Berendes, R. M. Welch, T. Uttal, E. Clothiaux, and E. Dutton
4:45 Surface Longwave Radiation Climate G. L. Smith, A. Wilbur, S. Gupta, P. Stackhouse
5:05 Adjourn

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Co-I Reports Cont’d
8:30 Multi-satellite combinations, SSF & SRBAVG Analyses M. Viollier, P. Raberanto, R. Kandel
8:50 Presentation of the RMIB high resolution GERB products N. Clerbaux, GERB
9:10 Direct Aerosol Forcing in All Sky Conditions T. Charlock, F. Rose, L. Coleman
9:30 Aerosol retrievals from NOAA-KLM/AVHRR3 and EOS/MODIS: Building consistency A. Ignatov
9:50 Terra SSF two aerosol products and Aeronet X.-P. Zhao
10:10 Break
10:40 ERBE Digital Library M. Ferebee
11:00 Discussion of CERES EOS Recompete Proposal All
11:40 Summary/Action Items B. Wielicki
12:00 Adjourn