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8th CERES-II Science Team Meeting - November 2007

Major Objectives for the Meeting:

  1. Review status of CERES Instruments and Data Products:
    • Status of NASA/U.S.CCSP/EOS/Senior Reviews and CERES on NPP and NPOESS for Edition3
    • Terra and Aqua SW/LW/TOTAL channel calibration for Edition3
    • Edition3 cloud algorithm development and validation
    • SRBAVG production of monthly means and release of SRBAVG up to December 2005 for both Aqua and Terra.
    • SYN and AVG: the level 3 gridded version of CRS data product
    • CRS Edition2, including processing transition from SGI to IBM cluster
    • GEWEX Radiative Flux Assessment
    • GERB Status Update
    • EOSDIS Evolution Activities at the Langley DAAC: transition from LATIS and SGI toward ANGE and commodity cluster computing
    • Conversions of CERES production codes to cluster computing, production automation
  2. CERES specific Co-I Reports. Each report is 20min including time for questions.

Dutch Treat Dinner: 6:30pm Wednesday Evening

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