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20th CERES-II Science Team Meeting – October 2013

Meeting Minutes / Presentations



Major Objectives for the Meeting:

  1. Review status of CERES Instruments and Data Products:
    • Status of NASA & CERES Project
    • CERES Terra, Aqua and SNPP SW/LW/TOTAL Channel Calibration Update
    • CERES FM6 and RBI Update
    • CERES SNPP SSF Edition1: VIIRS Cloud Algorithm Status
    • CERES GEO Cloud Algorithm Status
    • CERES Edition4 ADM Development status
    • SOFA, SARB and TISA Working Group Reports
    • Data Management Team Update: Terra/Aqua/NPP
    • Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) Update
    • CERES Education Outreach
  2. Invited Presentations Session: Each presentation is 45 min.
  3. Contributed Science Reports: Each report is 20 min including time for questions.
  4. Poster Presentation:
    “Non-linear temperature response of clear sky OLR relative to surface emission in the water vapor window”.
    J. Eliashiv (Scripps).

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, Oct 29
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA
CERES Technical Session
8:30 am Welcome/Meeting Logistics Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
8:35 am State of CERES Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
9:00 am CERES FM1-FM6 & RBI Instrument Update (part 1)
CERES FM1-FM6 & RBI Instrument Update (part 2)
Kory Priestley (NASA LaRC)
Susan Thomas (SSAI)
10:00 am Break
10:30 am CERES Clouds Working Group Report (part 1)
CERES Clouds Working Group Report (part 2)
Patrick Minnis (NASA LaRC)
Rabindra Palikonda (SSAI)
11:15 am CERES Edition4 Angular Distribution Models Wenying Su (NASA LaRC)
12:00 pm Status of the Shortwave Surface-Only Flux Algorithms David Kratz (NASA LaRC)
12:20 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Surface Atmosphere Radiation Budget (SARB) Working Group Update Seiji Kato (NASA LaRC)
2:30 pm TISA Working Group Report (part 1)
TISA Working Group Report (part 2)
David Doelling (NASA LaRC)
Moguo Sun (SSAI)
3:15 am FLASHFlux Update P.C. Sawaengphokhai (SSAI)
3:35 pm Break
4:00 pm CERES Data Management Team (DMT) Update Chris Harris (NASA LaRC)
4:30 pm Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) Update Jonathan Gleason (NASA LaRC)
4:50 pm Status and Overview of CERES Education and Outreach Sarah Crecelius (SSAI)
5:10 pm Adjourn
6:45 pm Dutch Treat Dinner:
Osteria Romantica, 2151 Avenida de la Playa,
La Jolla. (858)551-1221
Wednesday, Oct 30
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA
8:30 am CERES Working Group Breakout Sessions
Angular Modeling (Su et al.) [1]
Surface to TOA Fluxes (Kato et al.) [1] [2] [3]
Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.) [1]
9:45 am Break
Invited Science Presentations
10:15 am Argo and recent advances in measuring ocean heat content Dean Roemmich (Scripps UCSD)
11:00 am Ocean constraints on the Earth’s radiative imbalance Josh K. Willis (NASA JPL)
11:45 am Current Hiatus of Global Warming Shang-Ping Xie (Scripps UCSD)
12:30 pm Lunch
Contributed Science Presentations
2:00 pm Looking for climate extremes with AIRS (not yet available) Joao Teixeira (NASA JPL)
2:20 pm Albedo decrease caused by vanishing Arctic sea ice: Observational determination using CERES K. Pistone (Scripps UCSD)
2:40 pm CERES Observations of Cloud Regimes within a Composite Madden-Julian Oscillation Kuan-Man Xu (NASA LaRC)
3:00 pm Scarab-3 on Megha-Tropiques: mission and products status Remy Roca (LEGOS)
3:20 pm Break
3:50 pm A two-habit ice cloud model for remote sensing applications and radiative forcing studies Ping Yang (Texas A&M Univ.)
4:10 pm Improvement of Ed4 Clouds over Ed2 using C3M data Sunny Sun-Mack (SSAI)
4:30 pm CERES VIIRS multilayered cloud property retrieval Fu-Lung Chang (SSAI)
4:50 pm Investigate the Ed4 and Ed2 cloud properties using DOE ARM measurements at Barrow and Atqasuk sites Baike Xi (U. North Dakota)
5:10 pm Adjourn
Thursday, Oct 31
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA
Contributed Science Presentations (cont’d)
8:30 am Variability of regional TOA flux diurnal cycle composites Patrick Taylor (NASA LaRC)
8:50 am Edition 4 longwave Angular Distribution Models Zachary Eitzen (SSAI)
9:10 am Novel application of Random Forest method in the CERES TOA radiance classification Bijoy Thampi (SSAI)
9:30 am The simulation of interannual variability of subtropical clouds in CMIP3 and CMIP5 models compared to retrievals from CERES, ISCCP, and CALIPSO Timothy Myers (Scripps UCSD)
9:50 am Break
10:20 am Comparison of CERES EBAF Ed2.7 TOA fluxes with Reanalysis Data Takmeng Wong (NASA LaRC)
10:40 am Atmospheric heat transport estimations based on satellite and assimilation data Bing Lin (NASA LaRC)
11:00 am Observing interannual variations in Hadley Circulation atmospheric diabatic heating and circulation strength Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
11:20 am Adjourn