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12th CERES-II Science Team Meeting – November 2009

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, November 3
Marriott Hotel, Fort Collins, CO
8:00 am Coffee/Danish
8:30 am Meeting Logistics, Welcome Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
8:40 am State of CERES/NASA/EOS/Senior Reviews/ CERES on NPP and NPOESS/Decadal Survey Missions Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
9:20 am CERES FM1-FM6 Instrument Status Report Kory Priestley (NASA LaRC)
9:40 am CERES FM1-FM4 Edition3 Radiometric Calibration Update Susan Thomas (SSAI)
10:00 am FM1 & FM2 Edition3 Spectral Darkening Correction & Validation N. Manalo-Smith
10:20 am Break
10:40 am Update on CERES Edition 3 Cloud Algorithm Patrick Minnis (NASA LaRC)
11:20 am Status of CERES-SOFA Algorithms for Edition 3
Further Improvements in SOFA Longwave Algorithms for CERES Edition 3
11:40 am CRS, the CERES Footprint-scale
Surface and Atmosphere Radiation Budget (SARB)
Thomas Charlock (NASA LaRC)
CERES “SYN” Synoptic Product Validation David Rutan (SSAI)
12:10 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Time-Space Averaging Update Doelling/Sun
3:00 pm Break
3:20 pm CERES Data Management Team (DMT) Update Jonathan Gleason (NASA LaRC)
3:50 pm Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) Update S. Sorlie
4:10 pm The Ongoing Revolution in Global Modeling D. Randall
4:55 pm Adjourn
6:30 pm Dutch Treat Dinner: Dave Randall’s Home
Wednesday, November 4
Marriott Hotel, Fort Collins, CO
8:00 am Coffee/Danish
8:30 am Working Group Sessions
Angular Modeling (Loeb et al.) [1] [2]
Surface to TOA Fluxes (Charlock et al.) [1] [2]
Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.) [1] [2] [3]
9:30 am FLASHFLUX Update Paul Stackhouse (NASA LaRC)
9:45 am GEWEX RFA Update Paul Stackhouse (NASA LaRC)
10:05 am Break
10:30 am The Controlling Influence of the Radiation Budget on Precipitation Graeme Stephens (NASA JPL)
11:15 am Climate Sensitivity and Climate Forcing in Simulating Earth’s Climate J. Kiehl
12:00 Lunch
Science Reports
1:30 pm Comparisons of CERES TOA Fluxes with GEOS-5 Reanalysis Fluxes Andrew Dessler
1:50 pm Seasonal Contributions to Climate Feedbacks in the NCAR CCSM3.0 Patrick Taylor (NASA LaRC)
2:10 pm Low Cloud Feedback Diagnosed from LES Modeling and CERES Observations Kuan-Man Xu (NASA LaRC)
2:30 pm Cloud Radiation Convective Feedbacks Inferred from the A-Train Observations M. Lebsock
2:50 pm A Reexamination of “On the Determination of Climate Feedbacks from ERBE Data” Takmeng Wong (NASA LaRC)
3:10 pm Break
Science Reports: Continued
3:30 pm Implied Ocean Heat Transports in the Standard and Super-Parameterized Community Atmospheric Model C. DeMott
3:50 pm The Climaotology and Interannual Variation of Band-By-Band Longwave Cloud Radiative Forcing: Model vs. Observations X. Huang
4:10 pm Effects of Clouds on the Radiation Balance as Derived from the New CloudSat Fluxes Product D. Henderson
4:30 pm CALIPSO, CloudSat, CERES and MODIS Merged Data Product (CCCM):
Improvements of Satellite-Derived Cloud, Aerosol and Radiative Flux Profiles
Seiji Kato (NASA LaRC)
4:50 pm Overview and Status of the ScaRaB Megha-Tropiques Mission R. Roca
5:10 pm Interannual Variations of Surface Radiation Lou Smith
5:30 pm Adjourn
Thursday, November 5
Marriott Hotel, Fort Collins, CO
8:00 am Coffee/Danish
Science Reports: Continued
8:30am Effect of Invisible Clouds on Radiation Energy Budget W. Sun
8:50am A Global Perspective on the Plane-Parallel Nature of Oceanic
Water Clouds Using Data Synergy from MISR and MODIS
L. Liang
9:10am Estimation of Outgoing Longwave Radiation from AIRS Radiance Measurements F. Sun
9:30am Comparison of Anomalies and Trends of OLR as Observed by CERES and Computed from Geophysical Parameters Derived from Analysis of AIRS/AMSU Data J. Susskind
9:50am A Comparison of Multilayer Clouds Inferred Between Passive and Active Satellites F. Chang
10:10 am Break
10:30 am Principal Component Radiative Transfer Model Spectral Longwave Simulations Using 5 Years of SSF/MOA Compared with CERES Observed Broadband Nadir Radiances Fred Rose (SSAI)
10:50 am Land Surface Latent Heat Estimations Using Surface Radiation Data: Preliminary Bin Lin (NASA LaRC)
11:10 am Observations for Evaluating CMIP5 Simulations J. Potter
11:30 am Estimation of Atmospheric Column SW Absorption Under Clear Sky and Optically Thick Clouds Using Both Satellite-Surface Observations and GCM X. Dong
11:50 am S’COOL Update Lin Chambers (NASA LaRC)
12:10 pm Action Items, Final Discussion Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
12:20 pm Adjourn