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11th CERES-II Science Team Meeting – April 2009

Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 28
Marriott Hotel City Center at Oyster Point
8:00 am Coffee/Danish
8:30 am Meeting Logistics, Welcome Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
8:40 am State of CERES/NASA/EOS/Senior Reviews/CERES on NPP and NPOESS/Decadal Survey Missions Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
9:20 am CERES FM1-FM6 Instrument Status Report Kory Priestley (NASA LaRC)
10:20 am Break
10:40 am Update on CERES Edition 3 Cloud Algorithm Patrick Minnis (NASA LaRC)
11:20 am Improvements in the Surface-Only Flux Algorithms Beyond Edition 2B Kratz/Gupta
11:40 am Developments in Surface and Atmosphere Radiation Budget (SARB/CRS) and Checks with Independent Data Thomas Charlock (NASA LaRC)
12:10 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Time-Space Averaging Update David Doelling (NASA LaRC)
Update on ISCCP-D2-like CERES Data Product Sun
3:00 pm Break
3:20 pm CERES Data Management Team (DMT) Update E. Geier
3:50 pm Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC) Update Kusterer/Little
4:20 pm NPP Science Data Segment (SDS): A Brief Overview R. Wolfe
4:40 pm S’COOL Update Lin Chambers (NASA LaRC)
5:00 pm Adjourn
6:30 pm Dutch Treat Dinner: Red Star Tavern
Wednesday, April 29
Marriott Hotel City Center at Oyster Point
8:00 am Coffee/Danish
8:30 am Working Group Sessions
associated presentation PDFs:A1A2A3B1B2 All
Angular Modeling (Loeb et al.)
Surface to TOA Fluxes (Charlock et al.)
Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.)
Co-I Reports
9:30 am MODIS Aerosol Assimilation for SARB David Fillmore (Tech-X Corp.)
9:50 am The GEOS-5 System and Future Plans M. Rienecker
10:10 am Break
10:30 am Separating Feedback from Forcing in CERES and Climate Model Radiative Fluxes with Phase Space Analysis R. Spencer
11:15 am Clouds in the Climate System: Why is This Such a Difficult Problem, and Where Do We Go From Here? J. Norris
12:00 pm Lunch
Co-I Reports
1:30 pm Dynamically and Thermal-Dynamically Stratified Aerosol and Cloud Interaction Wenying Su (NASA LaRC)
1:50 pm TOA Global Component Aerosol Direct Radiative Effect T. Zhao
2:10 pm Variations in Terra Cloud Properties with SST Anomaly Zachary Eitzen (SSAI)
2:30 pm Working with CERES data to test parameterizations in CAM G. Potter
2:50 pm Satellite observations of global and regional energy budgets Bin Lin (NASA LaRC)
3:10 pm Break
Co-I Reports: Continued
3:30 pm Global warming due to increasing absorbed solar radiation John Fasullo (NCAR)
3:50 pm NOAA 9 Radiation Budget Data Upgrade L. Smith
4:10 pm Overview of CALIPSO-CloudSat-CERES-MODIS merged product Seiji Kato (NASA LaRC)
4:30 pm& Radiative Flux Anomalies from 2000 to 2008 based on Combined CERES and FLASHFLUX Data Takmeng Wong (NASA LaRC)
4:50 pm An Estimate of Infrared Radiation Forcing by Sub-Visual Ice Clouds W. Sun
5:10 pm Adjourn
Thursday, April 30
Marriott Hotel City Center at Oyster Point
8:00 am Coffee/Danish
Co-I Reports: Continued
8:30 am Cloud Forcing of Surface Radiation P. Mlynczak
8:50 am Cloud Properties from MODIS, CERES-MODIS Observations and CAM3 Simulations Y. Li
9:10 am Arctic Clouds and Their Impact on Surface and TOA Radiation Budget X. Dong
9:30 am The Ed3-Beta2 Modified Algorithms for Multilayer Cloud Property Retrievals F. Chang
9:50 am Break
10:10 am Effect of the Inhomogeneity of Ice Crystals on Retrieving Ice Cloud Optical Thickness and Effective Particle Size Y. Xie
10:30 am Identifying Opaque and Non-Opaque Tropical Upper-Tropospheric Ice Clouds from Measurements of MODIS 8.5, 11, and 12 ┬Ám Bands G. Hong
10:50 am Action Items, Final Discussion Norm Loeb (NASA LaRC)
11:00 am Adjourn