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23rd CERES-I Science Team Meeting – January 2001

January 23-25, 2001
Williamsburg, VA

Meeting Summary

Meeting Agenda

CERES Team Photo

Ba, Mamoudou CERES and GOES OLR Comparisons
Baum, Bryan Day/Night MODIS Cloud Analyses
Bush, Kathryn Interannual Variability of Earth Radiation
Chambers, Lin Zonal Trends in Flux Bias Error: Theoretical Insight
Charlock, Thomas Surface and Atmospheric Radiation Budget (SARB) “CRS” bubble in CERES Schematic
Coakley, James Retrieval of Cloud Properties and Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing
Dong, Xiquan An integrated algorithm for retrieving non-precipitating stratus cloud microphysical properties using millimeter radar and microwave radiometer data
Gupta, Shashi Validation of Surface-Only Radiative Fluxes
Haeffelin, Martial Broadband and Radiative Fluxes Measured from Long-Duration Stratospheric Balloons
Han, Qingyuan Viewing Geometry Effect on Retrievals of Cloud Droplet Size
Inamdar, A. K. CERES Science Team Meeting Report
Jin, Zhonghai Radiative Transfer Modeling of Ocean Surface Albedo for CERES SARB
Kato, Seiji Consistency Check of the Mean Radiance and Irradiance
Kibler, James EDOS Data Delivery Challenges; Code Deliveries and Terra/Aqua Processing Estimates; Data Products Available at Atmospheric Sciences Data Center
Knapp, Kenneth
Stowe, Larry
Aerosol Optical Depth over land from AVHRR Pathfinder Atmosphere Data
Lee, Robert CERES Lunar Measurements Status
Lee, Robert 1998 TRMM/CERES Lunar Measurements Status
Lin, Bing Estimations of Vertically Averaged Cloud Water Temperature Using HSB Data: Simulated Results
Loeb, Norman Angular Distribution Models for CERES-TRMM
Minnis, Patrick CERES Edition 1 Cloud Summary
Minnis, Patrick Day/Night MODIS Cloud Analyses
Priestley, Kory Instrument Status Report
Priestley, Kory CERES Scan Dependent Offset Studies CAM Justification
Randall, David OLR Minus Zonal Mean: FM98 minus JA98
Smith, Jr., Bill Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satelliltes (CLAMS)
Smith, Nitchie Longwave and Window ADMs for Clear, Broken Cloud and Overcast Scenes
Su, Wenying Preliminary Comparison of Theory and Observation for Ocean-reflected Surface Radiance at COVE
Whitlock, Charles Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) Applications Project
Wielicki, Bruce EOS/CERES Program Status
Wong, Takmeng CERES/Terra ERBE-like TOA Fluxes: An Update of FM-1 vs. FM-2
Young, David CERES Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line (S’COOL) Project
Young, David Temporal Interpolation using Geostationary Data: Getting Closer to Reality