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CERES Measured Radiances

CERES Measured Radiance Processing

  • CERES instrument has a total (0.4-200µm), SW (0.4-4.5µm) and WN (8-12µm) channels
  • CERES instrument filtered radiances are calibrated to take out any instrument drifts, correct for the solar response degradation over time, and to radiometrically scale the FM1-4 instruments onboard Terra and Aqua. The Edition2 Rev1 SW correction has been applied for Edition3. More information can be found in the BDS Data Quality Summary (DQS) link to external site
  • The CERES instrument channels are unfiltered by applying LUT (Look-Up Tables) corrections based on theoretical computations from a variety of scenes and viewing and solar geometry to the channel radiances to derive a flat spectral response to remove the instrument spectral response functions. The ERBElike and CERES use the same unfiltering method. It is not the original ERBE unfiltering algorithm. (Loeb et al. 2001)
  • The LW radiance is the total minus SW channel during the day
  • The footprint radiance (viewing and solar geometry dependent) is then converted to flux using either the ERBE ADMs or the improved CERES ADMs using MODIS scene identification
  • More information can be found in the SSF Data Quality Summary (DQS) link to external site

CERES Data Product Information

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