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ERBE Angular Directional Models (ADM)

ERBE ADM Description

  • The CERES instrument observes directional radiances according to viewing and solar geometry
  • The ERBE angular directional models (ADMs) are based on the original ERBE algorithm (Suttles et al. 1988), (Suttles et al. 1989)
  • The original ERBE ADMs are used in the ERBElike product to derive ERBE fluxes. These fluxes can be directly to the historical ERBE time period fluxes (1985-1989) to ensure that flux differences are not associated with CERES algorithm improvements.
  • However, the CERES ADMs are a great improvement over the historical ERBE ADM, which employed only 12 scene types.
    • Due to the introduction of imager cloud properties
    • Increase in number of identified scene types, 600 are used by the CERES ADMs, most notable over polar clouds, maritime stratus and coastal regions.
    • ERBE and CERES clear-sky identification comparison
  • The CERES ADMs show minimal dependency with respect to cloud properties, viewing geometry or surface type (Loeb et al. 2005)
  • More information can be found in the ES8 Data Quality Summary (DQS) link to external site

Radiance view θ, solar θ0, and relative azimuth Φ angle definition

Image: ERBE Viewing Angles

CERES Data Product Information

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