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EBAF-Surface Grid Correction

In the EBAF-Surface Ed2.6r product released May 1, 2012, the CERES Team found that the 1°x1° grids are shifted eastward by 1°. As a result, when 1°x1° EBAF surface irradiances are compared with other sets of surface irradiances, large differences appear near coastlines.

The team is providing a package to correct the shift until the next EBAF-Surface version becomes available (early 2013). The CERES Team apologizes for any inconvenience and recommends that researchers comparing 1°x1° surface irradiances download the package to correct the shift.

The correction package can be downloaded here.

Note: The EBAF-Surface zonal and global means are unaffected and do not require the correction.

For more information regarding this issue or any other issues with the EBAF-Surface data set,
please contact:

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