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CERES Surface Type IDs

The surface type microsets found on the Data Access page were created from original CERES data by the ASDC. Each data entry represents a one degree latitude by one degree longitude grid box on the surface of the earth (the data point is the upper-left corner of the grid box). The data is representative of biome types observed during 2000. These data are not intended for the study of land use changes over time, but offer a snapshot of the Earth’s surface.

Eighteen surface/biome type categories used by CERES are:

Surf Index Surface Type Surf Index Surface Type
1Evergreen-Needleleaf-Forest 10Grassland
2Evergreen-Broadleaf-Forest 11Wetland
3Deciduous-Needleleaf-Forest 12Cropland
4Deciduous-Broadleaf-Forest 13Urban
5Mixed-Forest 14Crop-Mosaic
6Closed-Shrublands 15Permanent-Snow
7Open-Shrubland(Desert) 16Barren/Desert
8Woody-Savanna 17Water
9Savanna 18Tundra

A complete description of the land surface types as defined by IGBP.

Surface/biome types 1 ‐ 17 correspond to those defined by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP link to external site).

Click on a specific region on the map to display the region information,

CERES Surface Type Identification Map

Or, enter the specific lat/lon and select "Submit".

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CERES Data Product Information

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