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Scene Identification Description

  • The CERES ADMs, Angular Directional Models, are used to convert CERES radiances into fluxes based on IGBP link to external site surface type classification, MODIS cloud properties and GFDL-GEOS atmosphere to ensure no flux biases according to scene.
  • The CERES ADMs show no dependencies with cloud properties, viewing geometry or surface type.
  • The CERES ADMs and scene identification is a great improvement over the historical ERBE ADMs, which employed only 12 scene types, especially clear-sky identification, polar clouds, and coastal regions.
  • More information can be found in the SSF Data Quality Summary (DQS) link to external site and (Loeb et al 2005), and (Loeb et al 2007)

Clear-sky scene identification improvement example

Image: Clear-sky Scene ID compare

  • Note the cloud contamination in the ERBE-like clear-sky albedo product

CERES Data Product Information

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