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7th CERES-II Science Team Meeting - April 2007

April 24-26, 2007
Marriott Hotel City Center at Oyster Point
Newport News, VA

Meeting Agenda [PDF]


8:00 am Coffee/Danish  
8:30 am Meeting Logistics, Welcome Loeb/Wielicki
8:40 am State of U.S. CCSP/EOS/CERES/NPP/NPOESS Decadal Study/A-train/NASA RTO/ASIC B. Wielicki
9:20 am Instrument Status
Terra and Aqua SW/LW/TOTAL channel calibration for Edition3
K. Priestley
G. Matthews
10:20 am Break
10:40 am Edition 3 cloud algorithm development and validation P. Minnis
11:25 am Status of the Surface Only Flux Algorithms (SOFA) Processing (Simple Surface Flux Models) S. Gupta/D. Kratz
11:40 pm Terra/Aqua CRS T. Charlock
12:10 pm Lunch  
2:00 pm SRBAVG production of daily means D. Doelling
2:40 pm SYN and AVG
F. Rose
W. Su
3:10 pm Break
3:30 pm Comparison of CERES SRBAVG and AVG/ZAVG to GEWEX SRB Surface Flux Products P. Stackhouse
3:50 pm GERB Update Matthews/Russell
4:10 pm S'COOL L. Chambers
4:30 pm CERES Data Management: Status
Code Conversion and ASDC Automation
E. Geier
M. Little
5:00 pm Adjourn



8:00 am Coffee/Danish  
8:30 am Working Group Sessions All
  Angular Modeling (Loeb et al.)  
  Surface to TOA Fluxes (Charlock et al.) 
  Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.) 
9:30 pm Stephen Warren presentation S. Warren
10:10 pm Break
10:30 am Assessing Global Energy Budgets Using Multiple Datasets and Closure Constraints J. Fasullo/K. Trenberth
11:10 am CALIPSO Status and Results D. Winker
11:50 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Atmospheric Amplification of Pacific Decadal Variability R. Burgman/A. Clement
1:50 pm The Influence of Saharan Dust Layers on Convection and Precipitation: A Case Study B. Lin
2:10 pm The Impact on NCEP Forecast Systems by Longwave RRTM S.-K. Yang
2:30 pm Competing Influences of Water Vapor and Clouds on Synoptic and Interannual Changes to Radiative Heating Profiles at CERES CAVE Sites T. Charlock
2:50 pm Study of the Radiative Effect of Thin Cirrus Clouds using CERES, MODIS, and AIRS Data P. Yang
3:10 pm Comparison of SW Flux Profiles from CERES TRMM and UKMO GCM W. Su
3:30 pm Break
3:50 pm Latest conclusions on the CERES/POLDER albedo comparisons M. Viollier
4:10 pm Latest results from the GEWEX Radiative Flux Assessment L. Hinkelman
4:30 pm Validation of CERES permanent snow and sea ice angular distribution models S. Kato
4:50 pm Vertical distribution of cloud properties derived from both ARM radar and CERES-MODIS observations X. Dong
5:10 pm Comparison of GERB with CERES Edition 2 products Ipe/Dewitte
5:30 pm Adjourn



8:00 am Coffee/Danish
8:30 am Socrates P. Mlynczak
8:50 am Comparisons of Partly Cloudy Pixel Retrievals with MODIS and CERES Cloud Products J. Coakley
9:10 am MISR and CALIPSO data in twilight zone: 3D or aerosol effect? W. Sun
9:30 am The Effect of Aerosol Swelling on the Fraction of Accumulation Mode Aerosols and the Angstrom Exponent G. Schuster
9:50 am Break
10:10 am Transition from MODIS to NPP/NPOESS-VIIRS Aerosol Retrieval I. Laszlo
10:30 am Aerosol retrieval over ocean from SEVIRI for the use in GERB Earth's radiation budget analyses A. Ignatov
10:50 am FIRST - Status and results from two balloon flights and a ground-based measurement campaign M. Mlynczak
11:10 am Bridging the ERBS and the CERES SW climate record T. Wong
11:30 am Action Items, Final Discussion B. Wielicki
12:00 pm Adjourn

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