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2nd CERES-II Science Team Meeting - November 2004

Major Objectives for the Meeting:

  1. Review status of CERES Data Products:
    • Instrument Calibration: stability over first 4 years of Terra
    • Aqua Cloud Properties: consistency with Terra in Edition 1 Aqua SSF
    • Tera/Geo Merged Diurnal Sampling: SRBAVG/SYN/AVG product status
    • Terra consistent Surface, Atmosphere, and TOA Fluxes: CRS product status

  2. Variability in Terra 4 Year Global Cloud and Radiation Data
    Now that 4 years of Terra data are available, an examination of variability and potential trends in calibration, radiation and cloud will be discussed: perspectives from ERBE-Like TOA fluxes as well as new CERES fluxes and MODIS cloud data in combined SSF, CRS, and SRBAVG data products.

  3. Given the new Terra ADMs and over 3 years of processed Terra SSF merged cloud/radiation data, our joint session with the ARM and GCSS modeling groups will give an overview of new CERES flux and cloud property capabilities relevant to ARM and GCSS cloud modeling. CERES, ARM, and GCSS Co-I reports of interest to all 3 groups will be merged into a joint session of 1/2 to 1 day depending on the contributed talks. Purpose of the joint meeting is to foster cloud model/data intercomparison studies that take advantage of improvements in both models, observations, and computing capability. The joint session talks will be organized by Wielicki for CERES, Steve Klein and Menghua Zhang as Co-Chairs of the ARM Cloud Parameterization and Modeling (CPM) Grouop, and Jon Petch the Chair of the GCSS Working Group 4 on convective cloud modeling.

  4. CERES specific Co-I Reports. We expect to have time for 15 to 20 Co-I reports, some of which will be in the joint session plenary. Co-I should email suggested title, authors, and a paragraph description to me if they are interested in presenting a 20 minute Co-I report.

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