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CERES SYN1deg Product Information

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SYN1deg Documentation

SYN1deg Product Features

  • The SYN1deg products provide:
    • CERES-observed geostationary (GEO) enhanced temporally interpolated top-of-atmosphere (TOA) radiative fluxes for all-sky and clear-sky conditions
    • MODIS-derived and 3-hourly geostationary satellite cloud properties
    • Computed TOA, surface, and in-atmospheric (profile) fluxes
    • MODIS aerosols
  • Computed fluxes are produced using the Langley Fu-Liou radiative transfer model.
    • Inputs include MODIS and GEO cloud properties, atmospheric profiles provided by GMAO, and MODIS aerosols.
    • The computations are constrained (tuned) to the observed CERES TOA fluxes.
    • Both initial (untuned) and tuned fluxes are provided for all-sky, clear-sky, pristine (clear-sky without aerosols), and all-sky without aerosols conditions.
  • The SYN1deg products use 3-hourly GEO radiances and cloud properties to more accurately model the diurnal variability between CERES observations, unlike the SSF1deg product.

SYN1deg Processing Flowchart

Image: SYN1deg Processing Flowchart

SYN1deg Product Parameters

TOA Fluxes
Surface Fluxes
Cloud Properties
[Diurnally Complete]
Auxiliary Data
  • Shortwave Flux
  • Longwave Flux
  • Window-region Flux (8-12µm)
  • Downwelling UVA & UVB Fluxes (computed only)
  • Downwelling PAR Flux (computed only)
  • Shortwave Flux - Up
  • Longwave Flux - Up
  • Window-region Flux - Up
  • Shortwave Flux - Down
  • Longwave Flux - Down
  • Window-region Flux - Down
  • Surface Albedo
  • Shortwave Direct/Diffuse Fluxes
  • UVA & UVB Fluxes
  • PAR Direct/Diffuse Fluxes
  • Shortwave Flux - Up
  • Longwave Flux - Up
  • Window-region Flux - Up
  • Shortwave Flux - Down
  • Longwave Flux - Down
  • Window-region Flux - Down
  • Cloud Area Fraction
  • Cloud Effective Pressure
  • Cloud Effective Temperature
  • Cloud Effective Height
  • Cloud Top Pressure
  • Cloud Base Pressure
  • Cloud Particle Phase
  • Liquid Water Path
  • Ice Water Path
  • Water Particle Radius
  • Ice Particle Effective Diameter
  • Cloud Visible Optical Depth
  • MATCH Total Aerosol Optical Depth @ 0.55µm
  • MODIS Aerosol Optical Depths over Land & Ocean
  • Surface Type Percent Coverage
  • Skin Temperature
  • Total Column Precipitable Water
  • Upper-Tropospheric Precipitable Water
  • Column Ozone

SYN1deg Spatial and Temporal Resolutions

  Spatial Resolutions
Regional grid
(1°x1° latitude by longitude)
Zonal grid
(1° latitude)
Monthly SYN1deg-Month
Monthly 3-Hourly SYN1deg-M3Hour
Monthly Hourly SYN1deg-MHour N/A N/A
Daily SYN1deg-Day N/A N/A
3-Hourly SYN1deg-3Hour N/A N/A
Hourly SYN1deg-1Hour N/A N/A

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