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SSF1deg Documentation

SSF1deg Product Features

  • A 10yr dataset with an abbreviated parameter list of monthly and daily data with the latest CERES instrument calibration
  • This product provides the CERES observed Top-of-Atmosphere fluxes, associated MODIS clouds and aerosol properties and GEOS-4 atmosphere
    • Fluxes and clouds have been diurnally averaged using ERBE temporal interpolation (constant meteorology between CERES measurements).
    • The Edition2.6 product contains the observed fluxes with the latest CERES instrument calibration.
  • Provides a long term climate record dataset, relying on the fewest input datasets
  • Provides parameterized surface fluxes (not observed)
    • Radiative transfer computed surface fluxes provided in the SYN1deg product.
  • Also designed to be compared with other Terra or Aqua based satellite products.
    • Diurnal averaging based on constant meteorology at the time of the Terra (10:30LT) or Aqua (13:30LT) overpass times and does not account for regional diurnal changes in flux and cloud properties.
    • The diurnal cycle is taken into account in the SYN1deg product.
  • The SSF1deg input instantaneous footprint level fluxes and cloud properties can be found in the SSF Level2 product.
  • Applicable Studies:
    • Angular dependent of radiance
    • Cloud and aerosol properties comparison
    • Cloud and aerosol radiative forcing estimate and comparison with other estimate
    • Comparison of radiation, aerosol and cloud properties with model other then GCM (ie. LES, CRM)
    • Comparison with GCMs
    • Instrument study
    • Interpretation of radiation cloud and aerosol property variability
    • Surface flux calculation with simple transfer model
    • TOA flux only comparison

SSF1deg Processing Flowchart

Image: SSF1deg Processing Flowchart

SSF1deg Product Parameters

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TOA Fluxes
Cloud Parameters
Auxiliary Data
  • Shortwave Flux
  • Longwave Flux
  • Window-region Flux (8-12µm)
  • Net Flux
  • Albedo
  • Solar Insolation Flux
  • Number of Observations of TOA Shortwave Flux
  • Number of Observations of TOA Longwave Flux
  • Cloud Area Fraction
  • Cloud Effective Pressure
  • Cloud Effective Temperature
  • Cloud Particle Phase
  • Liquid Water Path
  • Ice Water Path
  • Water Particle Radius
  • Ice Particle Effective Diameter
  • Cloud Visible Optical Depth
  • Total Aerosol Visible Optical Depth @ 0.55µm
  • Ratio of Optical Depth of Small Mode vs Aerosol Optical Depth @ 0.55µm
  • Snow/Ice Percent Coverage
  • Ocean Fraction Coverage
  • Wind Speed
  • Skin Temperature
  • Precipitable Water

SSF1deg Spatial and Temporal Resolutions

  Spatial Resolutions
Regional grid
(1°x1° latitude by longitude)
Zonal grid
(1° latitude)
Monthly SSF1deg-Month
Daily SSF1deg-Day N/A N/A
Hourly SSF1deg-Hour N/A N/A

SSF1deg Product Availability

SSF1deg Product Processing Status ( by year / by month / by product edition)
Product Sat
Level 3
SSF1deg-Month Terra
SSF1deg-Day Terra
SSF1deg-Hour Terra
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Level 3
Mar Terra SSF1deg-Month 2000 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2001 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2002 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2003 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2004 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2005 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2006 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2007 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2008 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2009 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2010 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2011 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2012 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2013 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2014 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2015 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2016 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2017 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Month 2018 Available Nov Terra SSF1deg-Month 2019 Available
 Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2000 Not Available  Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2001 Not Available Jul Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2002 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2003 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2004 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2005 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2006 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2007 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2008 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2009 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2010 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2011 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2012 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2013 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2014 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2015 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2016 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2017 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2018 Available Nov Aqua SSF1deg-Month 2019 Available
 NPP SSF1deg-Month 2000 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2001 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2002 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2003 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2004 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2005 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2006 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2007 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2008 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2009 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2010 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Month 2011 Not Available Feb NPP SSF1deg-Month 2012 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Month 2013 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Month 2014 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Month 2015 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Month 2016 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Month 2017 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Month 2018 Available Sep NPP SSF1deg-Month 2019 Available
Mar Terra SSF1deg-Day 2000 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2001 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2002 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2003 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2004 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2005 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2006 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2007 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2008 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2009 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2010 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2011 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2012 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2013 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2014 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2015 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2016 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2017 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Day 2018 Available Nov Terra SSF1deg-Day 2019 Available
 Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2000 Not Available  Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2001 Not Available Jul Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2002 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2003 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2004 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2005 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2006 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2007 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2008 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2009 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2010 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2011 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2012 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2013 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2014 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2015 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2016 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2017 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2018 Available Nov Aqua SSF1deg-Day 2019 Available
 NPP SSF1deg-Day 2000 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2001 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2002 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2003 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2004 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2005 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2006 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2007 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2008 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2009 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2010 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Day 2011 Not Available Feb NPP SSF1deg-Day 2012 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Day 2013 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Day 2014 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Day 2015 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Day 2016 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Day 2017 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Day 2018 Available Sep NPP SSF1deg-Day 2019 Available
Mar Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2000 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2001 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2002 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2003 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2004 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2005 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2006 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2007 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2008 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2009 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2010 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2011 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2012 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2013 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2014 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2015 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2016 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2017 Available   Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2018 Available Nov Terra SSF1deg-Hour 2019 Available
 Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2000 Not Available  Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2001 Not Available Jul Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2002 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2003 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2004 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2005 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2006 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2007 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2008 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2009 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2010 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2011 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2012 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2013 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2014 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2015 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2016 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2017 Available   Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2018 Available Nov Aqua SSF1deg-Hour 2019 Available
 NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2000 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2001 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2002 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2003 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2004 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2005 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2006 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2007 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2008 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2009 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2010 Not Available  NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2011 Not Available Feb NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2012 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2013 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2014 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2015 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2016 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2017 Available   NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2018 Available Sep NPP SSF1deg-Hour 2019 Available

 Terra Available  Aqua Available  S-NPP Available  NOAA20 Available
 Combined (Terra+Aqua)  Combined (Terra+NPP)  Not Available (odd rows)  Not Available (even rows)

  • By clicking on "by month", a more detailed table will be rendered with the ability to click on specific months for daily and hourly Level 2 and Level 1B products.
  • By clicking on "by product edition", a more detailed table will be rendered with the versions of the product available.

CERES Instrument Temporal Coverage
Spacecraft Instrument(s) Launch Date Start Date End Date
TRMM PFM 11/27/1997 12/27/1997 05/29/2001
Terra FM1 & FM2 12/18/1999 02/25/2000 Still in operation
Aqua FM3 & FM4 05/04/2002 06/19/2002 Still in operation
S-NPP FM5 10/28/2011 01/27/2012 Still in operation
J01 FM6 11/18/2017 01/6/2018 Still in operation

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