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ISCCP-D2like Documentation

ISCCP-D2like Product Features

  • The ISCCP-D2like products provide MODIS clouds properties (not the official Goddard Product) derived from CERES retrievals that emulates the ISCCP-D2 (NASA GISS) format
    • The same MODIS cloud properties are found in the SSF1deg and SYN1deg products.
  • Use in ISCCP simulators in climate models
  • ISCCP-D2like-Day/Nit
    • Which are the MODIS cloud properties and include more than the usual ISCCP parameters.
    • The day and nit identify properties during daytime and nighttime and the daytime being of higher quality since the MODIS retrievals use both visible and IR channels
    • The Day/Nit will eventually contain the associated Top-of-Atmosphere fluxes for the ISCCP cloud types
  • ISCCP-D2like-GEO
    • Which are the geostationary cloud properties used in the CERES temporal interpolation (GEO enhanced) algorithm
    • The GEO retrievals are not the official ISCCP product but use the same 3-hourly images
  • ISCCP-D2like-Mrg
    • CERES best attempt at merging Terra and Aqua MODIS and GEO in the 3 hourly intervals where MODIS cloud retrievals are not available.
    • The GEO clouds have been normalized to MODIS to provide diurnally consistent clouds
    • The GEO clouds are of inferior quality to MODIS but provide consistent 3-hourly sampling
  • ISCCP-D1like monthly cloud amounts
    • MODIS retrievals are classified into 7 pressure and 6 optical depth bins
    • Limited to liquid and ice cloud fractions only
  • Applicable Studies:
    • GCMs, ISCCP simulators and other climate modeling studies that incorporate PC/tau cloud properties for comparison and the computation of fluxes.
    • Any study that involves ISCCP-D2like-Day/Nit data.

ISCCP-D2like 18 Cloud Types

Pressure Cloud Optical Depth
0.0 - 3.6 3.6 - 23 23 - 380
10-440mb Cirrus
(High, Thin)
liq=13, ice=16
(High, Mid-Thick)
liq=14, ice=17
Deep Convection
(High, Thick)
liq=15, ice=18
440-680mb Altocumulus
(Mid, Thin)
liq=7, ice=10
(Mid, Mid-Thick)
liq=8, ice=11
(Mid, Thick)
liq=9, ice=12
680-1000mb Cumulus
(Low, Thin)
liq=1, ice=4
(Low, Mid-Thick)
liq=2, ice=5
(Low, Thick)
liq=3, ice=6

ISCCP-D2like Cloud Parameters

Cloud Parameter MODIS-only GEO-only
Cloud Area Fraction X X
Cloud Effective Pressure X X
Cloud Effective Temperature X X
Liquid Water Path X X
Ice Water Path X X
Particle size X  
Infrared Emissivity X  
Cloud Visible Optical Depth X X

ISCCP-D1like 42 Cloud Types ( available for Cloud Amounts Only)

Pressure Cloud Optical Depth
0.0 - 1.27 1.27 - 3.55 3.55 - 9.38 9.38 - 22.6 22.6 - 60.4 60.4 - 128+
(High, Thin)
(High, Mid-Thick)
Deep Convection
(High, Thick)
10-180mb typ=37 typ=38 typ=39 typ=40 typ=41 typ=42
180-310mb typ=31 typ=32 typ=33 typ=34 typ=35 typ=36
310-440mb typ=25 typ=26 typ=27 typ=28 typ=29 typ=30
(Mid, Thin)
(Mid, Mid-Thick)
(Mid, Thick)
440-560mb typ=19 typ=20 typ=21 typ=22 typ=23 typ=24
560-680mb typ=13 typ=14 typ=15 typ=16 typ=17 typ=18
(Low, Thin)
(Low, Mid-Thick)
(Low, Thick)
680-800mb typ=7 typ=8 typ=9 typ=10 typ=11 typ=12
800-1000mb typ=1 typ=2 typ=3 typ=4 typ=5 typ=6

ISCCP-D2like Product 3-hourly Sampling Source

Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
GMT* 00-03 03-06 06-09 09-12 12-15 15-18 18-21 21-24
GEO     G G G G    
    G T-day A-day G    

* based on a region at 0° longitude

  • The merge product uses MODIS where ever possible and fills in the rest of the 3-hour intervals with GEO clouds which have been normalized to MODIS
  • The GEO cloud properties are only available during the day
  • The MODIS cloud properties are stratified by day and night, since the MODIS cloud retrieval algorithm using both visible and IR channels during the day

ISCCP-D2like Product Parameters

Order Tool View
TOA Fluxes
(observed and computed)
Surface Fluxes
Cloud Properties
[Diurnally Complete]
Auxiliary Data
  • Cloud Area Fraction
  • Cloud Effective Pressure
  • Cloud Effective Temperature
  • Liquid Water Path
  • Ice Water Path
  • Water Particle Radius
  • Ice Particle Effective Diameter
  • Infrared Emissivity
  • Cloud Visible Optical Depth

ISCCP-D2like Spatial and Temporal Resolutions

  Spatial Resolutions
Regional grid
(1°x1° latitude by longitude)
Zonal grid
(1° latitude)
Monthly ISCCP-D2like-Day
Monthly 3-Hourly ISCCP-D2like-Day

ISCCP-D2like Product Availability

ISCCP-D2like Product Processing Status ( by year / by month / by product edition)
Product Sat
Level 3
ISCCP-D2like-Day Terra
ISCCP-D2like-Nit Terra
ISCCP-D2like-Mrg Mrg
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Level 3
Mar Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2000 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2001 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2002 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2003 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2004 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2005 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2006 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2007 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2008 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2009 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2010 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2011 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2012 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2013 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2014 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2015 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2016 Available Feb Terra ISCCP-D2like-Day 2017 Available
 Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2000 Not Available  Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2001 Not Available Jul Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2002 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2003 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2004 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2005 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2006 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2007 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2008 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2009 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2010 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2011 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2012 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2013 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2014 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2015 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2016 Available Feb Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Day 2017 Available
Mar Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2000 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2001 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2002 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2003 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2004 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2005 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2006 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2007 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2008 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2009 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2010 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2011 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2012 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2013 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2014 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2015 Available   Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2016 Available Feb Terra ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2017 Available
 Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2000 Not Available  Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2001 Not Available Jul Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2002 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2003 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2004 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2005 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2006 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2007 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2008 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2009 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2010 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2011 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2012 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2013 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2014 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2015 Available   Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2016 Available Feb Aqua ISCCP-D2like-Nit 2017 Available
Mar GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2000 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2001 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2002 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2003 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2004 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2005 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2006 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2007 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2008 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2009 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2010 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2011 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2012 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2013 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2014 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2015 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2016 Available Feb GEO ISCCP-D2like-GEO 2017 Available
Mar GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2000 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2001 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2002 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2003 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2004 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2005 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2006 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2007 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2008 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2009 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2010 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2011 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2012 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2013 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2014 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2015 Available   GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2016 Available Feb GEO ISCCP-D2like-Mrg 2017 Available

 Day/Nit: Single satellite MODIS-only cloud retrievals stratified by daytime and nighttime.
Nighttime cloud retrievals are based on MODIS IR channels only and may not be of the same quality as the daytime retrievals.
 GEO: 3-hourly geostationary-only cloud retrievals for daytime only.
 Mrg: Combines Terra-MODIS, Aqua-MODIS, and GEO cloud properties for daytime only.

 Terra Available  Aqua Available  S-NPP Available  J01 Available
 GEO Available  Mrg (GEO-MODIS) Available  
 Combined (Terra+Aqua)  Combined (Terra+NPP)  Not Available (odd rows)  Not Available (even rows)

  • By clicking on "by month", a more detailed table will be rendered with the ability to click on specific months for daily and hourly Level 2 and Level 1B products.
  • By clicking on "by product edition", a more detailed table will be rendered with the versions of the product available.

CERES Instrument Temporal Coverage
Spacecraft Instrument(s) Launch Date Start Date End Date
TRMM PFM 11/27/1997 12/27/1997 05/29/2001
Terra FM1 & FM2 12/18/1999 02/25/2000 Still in operation
Aqua FM3 & FM4 05/04/2002 06/19/2002 Still in operation
S-NPP FM5 10/28/2011 01/27/2012 Still in operation
J01 FM6 11/18/2017 01/6/2018 Still in operation

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