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CERES FLASHFlux Level3 Product Information

Image: FLASHFlux Project

FLASHFlux - Fast Longwave And SHortwave Radiative Fluxes

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The FLASHFlux link to external site project was initiated at the NASA Langley Research Center to meet the needs of the science community for global near real-time surface and TOA radiative fluxes. This was accomplished by speeding up the processing of CERES and MODIS TOA observations with fast radiation algorithms to produce the fluxes within about a week of satellite measurements.

FLASHFlux Level3 (FLASH_TISA) Documentation

  • Data Quality Summary link to external site — Highlights the accuracy of this product as determined by the FLASHFlux Science Team.

FLASHFlux Level3 (FLASH_TISA) Product Features

  • Provides a near real-time daily averaged product within about a week of observation.
    • Useful for Quicklook for daily averaged TOA and surface radiation data products.
  • Does not use the official CERES instrument calibration and thus contains higher uncertainties in data products
    (see Data Quality Summary link to external site).
    • It is strongly advised to NOT append the FLASHFlux Level3 TOA products with other CERES climate products to detect climate signals without careful scrutiny of overlap periods.
    • Do not append FLASHFlux Level3 surface products with other CERES climate products due to significant algorithm differences.

FLASHFlux Level3 (FLASH_TISA) Processing Flowchart

Image: FLASHFlux Processing Flowchart

* Official FLASHFlux data products highlighted with black box

FLASHFlux Level3 (FLASH_TISA) Product Parameters

TOA Fluxes
Surface Fluxes
Cloud Properties
Auxiliary Data
  • Shortwave Flux
  • Longwave Flux
  • Window-region Flux (8-12µm)
  • Net Flux
  • Albedo
  • Net Shortwave Flux
  • Net Longwave Flux
  • Shortwave Flux - Down
  • Longwave Flux - Down
  • LW Surface Emissivity
  • WN Surface Emissivity
  • Cloud Area Fraction
  • Cloud Effective Pressure
  • Cloud Effective Temperature
  • Cloud Effective Height
  • Cloud Top Pressure
  • Cloud Base Pressure
  • Cloud Particle Phase
  • Liquid Water Path
  • Ice Water Path
  • Water Particle Radius
  • Ice Particle Effective Diameter
  • Infrared Emissivity
  • Cloud Visible Optical Depth
  • Snow/Ice Percent Coverage
  • Surface Type Percent Coverage
  • Precipitable Water

FLASHFlux Level3 (FLASH_TISA) Spatial and Temporal Resolutions


Spatial Resolutions


Regional grid
(1°x1° latitude by longitude)
Zonal grid
(1° latitude)

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