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CERES ERBElike Level3 Product Information

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ERBElike (ES4/ES9) Documentation

ERBElike (ES4/ES9) Product Features

  • This product provides CERES observed fluxes that are based on historical algorithms as the original ERBE scanner dataset (1985-1989)
    • Product formats are also consistent
  • Use to compare historical ERBE fluxes to ensure that flux differences are not associated with CERES algorithm improvements
  • Relies on CERES instrument calibration
    • CERES does not have the same instrumentation as ERBE
  • ERBElike fluxes rely on the ERBE ADMs to convert observed radiances into fluxes
  • Diurnal averaging based on constant meteorology at the time of the Terra (10:30LT) or Aqua (13:30LT) overpass times even though strong regional diurnal cycles exist and are not accounted for.
    • The diurnal cycle is taken into account in the SYN1deg product.
  • The realtime ERBElike CV product does not use the official instrument calibration and should not be used in publications
    • Only use for quicklook, do not append to other products
  • The ERBElike input instantaneous footprint level fluxes can be found in the ERBElike Level2 (ES8) product.
  • Applicable Studies:
    • Decadel study consistent with ERBE

ERBElike Level3 (ES4/ES9) Processing Flowchart

Image: ERBElike Processing Flowchart

ERBElike Level3 (ES4/ES9) Product Parameters

TOA Fluxes
Surface Fluxes In-Atmospheric Fluxes Cloud Properties Aerosols Auxiliary Data
  • Shortwave Flux
  • Longwave Flux
  • Net Flux
  • Albedo
  • Solar Incidence

ERBElike Level3 (ES4/ES9) Spatial and Temporal Resolutions


Spatial Resolutions


Regional grids
(2.5°x2.5°, 5°x5°, & 10°x10°
latitude by longitude)
Zonal grids
(2.5°, 5°, & 10° latitude)
Monthly ES4*
Monthly Hourly ES4*
Daily ES4*
(Instantaneous Gridded)
(along ground track)

ES4/ES9 data is provided in the ERBE Regional Grid (2.5°x2.5° latitude by longitude), Zonal (2.5° latitude), and Global.
   5° and 10° nested data are also contained in the ES4.

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