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EBAF - Energy Balanced And Filled

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EBAF-Surface Documentation

EBAF-Surface Product Features

  • Global gridded, monthly mean surface fluxes calculated using a radiative transfer model.
  • Radiative transfer calculations are performed hourly on the CERES 1° equal-area grid.
  • Cloud properties are derived from narrowband imagers onboard both EOS Terra and Aqua satellites as well as Geostationary satellites to more fully model the diurnal cycle of clouds.
  • Gridded monthly mean cloud and atmospheric properties are adjusted so that model results:
    • approach CERES net balanced Top-of-Atmosphere fluxes (EBAF-TOA product), where the global net is constrained to the ocean heat storage.
    • more closely match modeled downward longwave surface fluxes that include active cloud base measurements from Calipso and Cloudsat.
  • Clear sky is separately adjusted to the monthly mean from CERES EBAF-TOA clear-sky 'filled' observations.
  • EBAF-Surface is for climate model evaluation, estimating the Earth's global mean energy budget and to infer meridional heat transport.
  • EBAF is made available for the Earth Science Grid here, which provides the EBAF satellite observed radiation data for the model and model analysis communities.

EBAF-Surface Processing Flowchart

Image: EBAF-Surface Processing Flowchart

EBAF-Surface Product Parameters

Surface Fluxes Cloud Radiative Effect In-Atmospheric
Cloud Properties Aerosols Auxiliary Data
  • Shortwave Flux - Up
  • Shortwave Flux - Down
  • Longwave Flux - Up
  • Longwave Flux - Down
  • Net Shortwave Flux
  • Net Longwave Flux
  • Net Total Flux
  • Net Shortwave Flux
  • Net Longwave Flux
  • Net Total Flux

EBAF-Surface Spatial and Temporal Resolutions

  Spatial Resolutions
Regional grid
(1°x1° latitude by longitude)
Zonal grid
(1° latitude)
Monthly means EBAF-Surface
Climatology EBAF-Surface

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