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CERES BDS Product Information

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BDS Documentation

  • BDS Collection Guide — An overview of the science product along with definitions of each of the parameters included within the product.

BDS Product Features

  • This product provides the CERES instrument engineering and calibration coefficients and the filtered and unfiltered footprint radiances
  • CERES instrument filtered radiances are calibrated to take out any instrument artifacts, sensor and spectral response function over time, and to radiometrically scale the FM[1-4] instruments onboard Terra and Aqua.
  • The CERES instrument channels are unfiltered by applying LUT (Look-Up Tables) corrections based on theoretical computations from a variety of scenes and viewing and solar geometry to the channel radiances to derive a flat spectral response to remove the instrument spectral response functions.
    • SSF1deg and ERBElike products use the same unfiltering. (Loeb et al. 2001)
    • The LW radiance is the TOTAL channel minus SW channel during the day.
    • The LW radiance is the TOTAL channel at night.
  • Applicable Studies:
    • Instrument study

BDS Product Parameters

TOA Radiances Surface Fluxes In-Atmospheric Fluxes Cloud Properties Aerosols Auxiliary Data
  • Shortwave Filtered (0-5µm)
  • Window-region Filtered (8-12µm)
  • Total Filtered (0-100µm)

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