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2007 Aerosol Indirect Effects Workshop and CAFC Workshop Presentations

Aerosol Indirect Effect Workshop

Presentations Presenters
Indirect Effect An Historical Perspective Ackerman
Inferences of Aerosol Indirect Effects from Satellite Observations Coakley
Enhancement of Clear Sky Radiance in the Vicinity of Cumulus Clouds (10 MB) Marshak
How to use lidar to study indirect aerosol effects Böesenberg
Representing and Constraining Cloud Droplet Formation (19 MB) Nenes
Aerosol-cloud Interactions, drizzle and the self-organization of clouds (23 MB) Feingold
The Representation of Aerosol Indirect Effects in Global Climate Models (15 MB) von Salzen

CAFC Workshop

Presentations Presenters
CAFC Workshop Agenda
Implementing the Delta-Four-Stream Approximation for Solar Radiation Computations in the CC AGCM III Ayash / Gong / Jia
Parameterization of Sea Salt Optical Properties and Physics of the Associated Radiative Forcing Li / Ma
von Salzen
Aerosol Characterization at Egbert, Ontario Spring 2007 Leaitch
Comparisons between a cloud droplet parameterization, a detailed microphysical parcel model and observations Shantz
von Salzen / Leaitch
Abbatt / Chang
Overlap of Fractional Cloud for Radiation Calculations in GCMs: A Global Analysis using CloudSat and CALIPSO Data Barker
Multiple evaluations of the CCCMA GCM Cole