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27th CERES-I Science Team Meeting – September 2002

September 17-19, 2002
Princeton, New Jersey

Meeting Summary

Major Objectives for the Meeting:
Status of new TRMM, Terra data products, and new Aqua instruments:

Science Team Results
Tuesday, September 17, 2002

8:30 Meeting Logistics, Welcome L. Donner, A. Valerio
8:40 Meeting Objectives and State of EOS/CERES/NPOESS B. Wielicki
9:00 Aqua Spacecraft & Instrument Status J. Cooper, P. Brown
9:15 Terra/Aqua Instrument Calibration Status
Terra drift correction: Terra Edition 2 BDS
K. Priestley
10:00 Break
10:30 TRMM CRS Edition 2b Validation Terra land aerosol T. Charlock, et al.
11:15 TRMM SRBAVG Edition 2b Validation and Readiness D. Young, et al.
12:15 Lunch
2:00 Terra SSF Edition 1 MODIS Cloud Validation, early Aqua P. Minnis, et al.
2:30 Results from TRMM and preliminary Terra ADMs N. Loeb, et al.
3:30 Break
4:00 Terra SSF Edition 1 Surface Fluxes, TRMM Edition 2b D. Kratz, S. Gupta
4:30 Terra Edition 2 ES-8, 4, 9 TOA Fluxes T. Wong, D. Young
5:00 S’COOL Update L. Chambers
5:15 Adjourn

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

8:30 CERES Data System and Data Product Status M. Little, E. Geier
9:00 Working Group Sessions

L. Chambers, N. Loeb
A. V. Gambheer, D. Kenyon, D.R.Doelling,
P. Minnis
S. Kato
K. Loukachine
N. Manalo-Smith, N. Loeb
W. Sun, N. Loeb, S. Kato
Invited Presentations
11:45 MISR Early Results R. Davies
12:30 Lunch
1:30 SRB: Surface Radiation Budget 80s and 90s P. Stackhouse
Co-I Reports
2:15 Cloud structure anomalies over the tropical Pacific: CCM3 versus observations R. Cess
2:35 Closures for Cumulus Parameterizations – How Equilibrated is Convection L. Donner
2:55 Break
3:15 Comparison of cloud properties retrieved from MODIS, VIRS, and surface data at the ARM SGP site X. Dong, P. Minnis, S. Sun-Mack
3:35 Evaluation of error in cirrus cloud property retrievals using an estimation theory algorithm framework G. Mace
3:55 Status of Ground-Based Arctic Cloud Validation Data Sets and Progress of Ground-Satellite Comparison T. Uttal, S. Matrasov,
P. Minnis, P. Zuidema
4:15 The variations of cloud liquid water amount on temperature over SHEBA site B. Lin, P. Minnis, A. Fan
4:35 Detecting Crystal Habits Using CERES Biaxial Data Han, R. Welch
4:55 Cloud Cover Validation Using Surface Instruments R. Welch, T. Berendes, D. Berendes, E. Dutton, T. Uttal, P. Minnett, E. Clothiaux
5:10 Adjourn

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Co-I Reports Cont’d
8:30 Combination of Meteosat-5 and CERES/Terra data for SW fluxes over the Indian Ocean M. Viollier, P. Raberanto,
R. Kandel
8:50 Status of the GERB data processing system at the launch N. Clerbaux, S. Dewitte
9:10 GERB status and CERES Intercomparisons G. L. Smith
9:30 The EarthCARE (Cloud-Aerosol-Radiation Explorer) Project R. Kandel
9:50 Saharan and Arabian dust Forcing: IR and solar data from TERRA and TRMM V. Ramanathan, F. Li,
A. Inamdar
10:20 Break
10:40 SSF Aerosol: Single- vs. multichannel MODIS retrievals
and MODIS vs. VIRS retrievals
Ignatov, X-P. Zhao, I. Laszlo
11:00 Comparison of SGP Surface Albedos for August 1998: CERES SARB and CARE helicopter data D. Rutan, T. Charlock,
F. Rose, K. Rutledge
11:20 Comparison of CERES TOA fluxes to TOA fluxes calculated using ARM cloud property retrievals G. Mace, S. Kato
11:40 Radiation fluxes in NCEP Operational Ensemble Forecasts S-K. Yang
12:00 Testing and new radiation parameterization D. Randall, L. Fowler
12:20 Summary/Action Items B. Wielicki
12:40 Adjourn