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24th CERES-I Science Team Meeting – May 2001

May 1-3, 2001
Newport News, VA

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Objectives/State of EOS/NPOESS/CERES

Barkstrom, Bruce A MODIS Subsetting Specification for CERES Ingest
Brumfield, Larry Status Summary of Terra Mission Operation and Aqua Mission Preparation
Chambers, Lin The CERES S’COOL Project
Chambers, Lin What is Success? Evaluating S’COOL, an Educational Outreach Project Focused on NASA’s CERES Program (presentation not available)
Chambers, Lin Using CERES Cloud Properties to Assess Lindzen’s Iris Hypothesis
Chambers, Lin Richardson Extrapolation Applied to Direct Integration
Charlock, Thomas Surface and Atmospheric Radiation Budget (SARB) “CRS” bubble in CERES processing
Charlock, Thomas Acrobatics to Squeeze Aerosols and Their Direct Forcing from the CERES CRS Product
Coakley, Jim Direct Effect of Aerosols Deduced from CERES TRMM SSF and AERONET Observations
Dewitte, Steven Homogenisation of GERB and CERES fluxes
Donner, Leo Precipitation from Mesoscale Convective Clouds: TRMM Observations and GCMs
Geier, Erika SSF and ES8 Cloud Comparisons in the Warm Pool and Tropics
Haeffelin, Martial New CERES Scan Patterns for Enhanced Coverage of Field Campaigns
Inamdar, A. K. Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect from ERBE, TRMM, & TERRA: Relationship with Layered Precipitable Water
Jin, Zhonghai An Examination of the Clear-Sky Solar Irradiances and Albedo Over the Ocean Surface at the Cove Site: Observations Versus Models
Kato, Seiji Aerosol Radiative Effects Estimated from CERES
Kibler, James EDOS data delivery improves/Code deliveries to ASDC/Data products available at ASDC/Product ordering statistics
Kratz, David Validation of the CERES Surface Radiation Budget Algorithms
Lin, Bing The Radiative Feedback of the Tropical Anvil Clouds: Negative or Positive?
Loeb, Norman Early Validation of New Angular Distribution Models for CERES-TRMM
Mackey, Calvin Tiger Team
Minnis, Patrick CERES Cloud Working Group Summary
Priestley, Kory CERES Instrument Cal/Val Report
Randall, David Use of global datasets to drive cloud-system models
Rose, Fred Geos3.3 based Clear Sky TOA Radiance and Fluxes
Rutan, David SARB/CRS TOA & Surface Validation
Rutan, David SARB Working Group input
Smith, Jr., Bill Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites (CLAMS) July 10-Aug 2, 2001
Smith, Nitchie Validation of Longwave/Window ADMs: Comparison of Directly Integrated Fluxes and TRMM-Derived Fluxes
Uttal, Taniel Presentation
Viollier, M. 1. Consistency checks between ES9-S4 CERES data and ScaRaB computations. Inter-annual comparisons. 2. Meteosat-ScaRaB comparisons for INDOEX 1999
Wong, Takmeng First Year of Terra Global Fluxes
Yang, S. K. COAA S’COOL Student Summer Camp 2001
Yang, S. K. NCEP GDAS Relative Humidity and Forecasts
Yang, S. K. Changing SMOBA input from NOAA-14 to NOAA-16
Young, David Temporal Interpolation Using Geostationary Data: An Update