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CERES +15V Power Converter Anomaly

Greg Stover

November 6, 1998

After review of information concerning the Leonid meteor storm composition, and of the analysis provided concerning the storm's direction with respect to the CERES instrument, a decision has been made to leave the CERES instrument in its current state. At this time, the instrument is at an azimuth position of 216 degrees, the elevation head is stowed, and all operational power is removed.

Furthermore, it has also been concluded it is not necessary to conduct special test sequences for the purposes of collecting additional engineering data. This data will be collected coincident with the periods when the instrument is operated specifically to fulfill science team objectives. Therefore future operations will primarily be scheduled based on science collection periods with consideration for safe instrument operations.

At this time the CERES science team is reviewing the next time when science data will be collected. It is currently anticipated this period of CERES operations will occur in December.

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