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CERES +15V Power Converter Anomaly

Bruce A. Wielicki

October 15, 1998

Here is the latest after almost 2 days of operation:

  • We reached a peak voltage of 16.4V today, similar to the anticipated maximum of 16.6V mentioned yesterday. The relationship of the MAM assembly temperature to the DAA +15V converter voltage is now starting more stringent statistical analysis to assure a consistent analysis method of August and October data, as well as placing confidence limits on the Tlim analysis. Note that yesterday's reports were based on eyeball analysis of quick-look plots. The MAM Assembly temperature for a given DAA +15V temperature can vary by 0.3C depending on time of day and whether the instrument is heating up or cooling down. This adds some uncertainty to the analysis of Tmin for any short time interval, so this will be studied closely over the next several days. As mentioned earlier, there is also a desire to look for sensitivity to scan motors and the SWICS lamp as power draws on the system.

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