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CERES Terra Pictures

Image: Terra Launch Liftoff Terra Launch - December 18, 1999

Image: Terra Instruments in TRW Cleanroom

Installation of flight multi-layer insulation on CERES Flight Models 1 and 2 at the TRW clean room facility after completion of calibration in preparation for shipment to Vandenberg for integration on Terra.

Image: Terra power coverter assembly

Installation of protective MLI blanket cover on the DAA power converter assembly.

Image: Terra sensor assembly

Exterior of CERES sensor assembly. Three such sensors (total, shortwave, and window channels) are installed in each CERES instrument.

Image: Terra sensor assembly cutaway

Cutaway of CERES sensor assembly showing heat-sink disk on the left with the active detector flake mounted to it, field stop and telescope baffle to the right.

Image: Family portrait of scanners

'Family portrait' showing the ERBE Engineering Model and the CERES PFM, FM1, and FM2 which fly on TRMM and Terra. ERBE scanners flew on ERBS, NOAA-9 and NOAA-10 from 1984 to 1990.

Image: Illustration of Terra Instruments

Illustration of the planned scanning operations for the two CERES instruments. The CERES FORE (FM1) instrument, shown on the right side of the picture, is scanning the earth in a nominal crosstrack configuration. The CERES AFT (FM2) instrument, shown on the left side of the picture, is scanning the earth in a nominal biaxial configuration.

Image: Terra Instruments

CERES instruments mounted on the Terra spacecraft during integration and testing. Image shows instruments with main and mam contamination covers in their closed and opened positions.
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