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1st CERES-II Science Team Meeting - March 2004

March 29-31, 2004
NCAR, Boulder, CO


Monday, March 29
08:30 Meeting Logistics, Welcome Paula Fisher, NCAR
08:40 State of U.S. CCSP/EOS/CERES/NPP/NPOESS B. Wielicki
09:10 CERES Overview B. Wielicki
09:40 Terra/Aqua Instrument Calibration Summary K. Priestley
10:10 Aqua & Terra ERBE-Like TOA Fluxes T. Wong
10:30 Break
11:00 Terra & Aqua SSF Product Cloud Properties and Accuracy  [16.73MB] P. Minnis
11:45 Terra Angular Models: Instantaneous & Ensemble Accuracy N. Loeb
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Terra SSF Simple Surface Flux Parameterizations  [30.30MB] D. Kratz
14:30 Terra Merged CERES/Geo Time Sampling: SRBAVG D. Young
15:15 Break
15:45 Terra Surface to Atmosphere to TOA Fluxes: CRS T. Charlock
16:30 SYN and AVG: 3-hourly synoptic, daily, monthly D. Young
16:45 CERES Data Management and Data Product Status M. Little/E. Geier
17:00 Langley ASDC DAAC User Services J. Koziana
5:15 S'COOL Education Outreach Status L. Chambers
17:30 Adjourn

Tuesday, March 30
08:30 Working Group Sessions

Instrument (Priestley, et. al)
Angular Modeling (Loeb et al.)
Surface to TOA Fluxes (Charlock et al.)
Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.)

(Main Seminar Room: (100+ cap)
(Directors Conf Rm: 15 cap)
(Damon Room: 50 cap)
(Chapman Room: 20 cap)
Invited Presentations
10:30 Status of Global Energy and Water Cycle Observations [22.40MB] K. Trenberth
11:15 Status of Climate Modeling J. Kiehl/W. Collins
12:00 GERB Status J. Harries
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Discussion of Modeling/Observation Comparisons: Radiation/Cloud/Aerosols/Surface

Observations Perspective (New Satellite Data: Weather to Climate Scales

Modeling Perspective (Atmosphere, Ocean, Land Models)
B. Wielicki

W. Collins

16:00 Break
Co-I Reports
16:30 Cloud Forcing Ratio Tests of Climate Models, 97/98 ENSO Event R. Cess
16:50 Decadal Variability: ERBS, ISCCP, Ocean Heat Storage T. Wong, B. Wielicki, R. Lee
17:10 Variations of Tropical Convection: SST and Rainfall B. Lin, P. Minnis, L. Chambers, Y. Hu, A. Fan
17:30 Adjourn

Wednesday, March 31
Co-I Reports Cont'd
08:30 Status and Extensions of the NCAR Aerosol Assimilation for CERES W. Collins, D. Fillmore, A. Conley, P. Rasch, N. Mahowald
08:50 Aerosol Direct Forcing at TOA & Surface using CERES & MATCH T. Charlock, F. Rose, D. Rutan, D. Fillmore, W. Collins
09:10 Aerosol SW Dust forcing and 8-12um Surface LW V. Ramanathan, A. Inamdar
09:30 Aerosol Consistency for Terra and Aqua A. Ignatov
09:50 Surface Radiation Network for CERES Applications E. Dutton, J. Augustine, J. Michalsky, C. Long
10:10 Break
10:30 Validation of CERES derived Terra & Aqua Cloud Properties X. Dong
10:50 Comparison of Diurnal Cycle of GCM with ERBE Results  [11.89MB] L. Smith, T. Slingo, P. Mlynczak, D. Ruton
11:10 MISR Narrowband to CERES Broadband Radiance Regressions R. Davies
11:30 ADM Studies: Broadband Conversion of POLDER-2 with CERES M. Vollier, P. Raberanto, J. Buriez, F. Parol, Z. Poussi
11:50 GERB-CERES Intercomparisons S. Dewitte
12:10 Summary/Action Items
12:30 Adjourn

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