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First Public Release of CERES FM6 Data Products

The Earth Radiation Budget Science Team publicly released the first data products for the CERES Flight Model 6 (FM6) instrument on JPSS/NOAA-20 on June 13, 2018. The Edition1 – Calibration / Validation is the team’s first release of CERES data products using on-orbit calibration coefficients based on initial characterization of the instrument. This release provides the public with the first look at CERES FM6 data.

The CERES FM6 instrument is a broadband radiometer on the NOAA 20 spacecraft that joins a constellation of five other orbiting CERES instruments on the Earth Observing System (EOS) Terra, Aqua and Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (SNPP) platforms. Together these instruments measure shortwave sunlight reflected by Earth and longwave heat energy emitted by Earth back into space to continue the multidecadal climate data record of Earth’s Radiation Budget. Measuring the Earth’s Radiation Budget over time enables us to understand how much energy the Earth system is absorbing over time and is key to understanding climate change. The CERES FM6 instrument will continue the Earth Radiation Budget climate data record started by CERES more than 18 years ago. These products will be reprocessed as an Edition2 in the near future.

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