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CERES Presentations to the Data Management Team

  Presentation Title Date Presented File
ASDC Data Storage Re-architecture
  ASDC Data Storage Re-architecture Presentation February 1, 2017 PDF
AMI System Upgrade Testing Strategy
  OS Upgrade Testing June 14, 2013 PDF
  Perl_Lib Documentation August 9, 2011 PDF
CERES Kaizen Information
  Update: CERES Production Kaizen & CERES Production Oversight Board Kaizen March 2, 2011 PDF
AMI Delivery Information
  New Rules for Development on AMI January 19, 2011 PDF
CERES Production Request Data Base
  CERES Production Request Data Base Design Review August 18, 2010 PDF
  CERES Production Request Database Unrestricted General Query Application Demonstration January 14, 2011 PDF
AMI Job Submission Scripts
  AMI Job Submission Scripts Presentation May 5, 2010 PDF
  Scripts for Running CERES PGEs on SGE May 10, 2010 PDF
  Prototype Scripts for Running PGEs on SGE May 13, 2010 PDF
  SGE Scripting Baseline July 27, 2010 PDF
Subversion Version Control System
  Subversion Presentation September 9, 2009 PDF
CERES Data Usability Tiger Team
  Proposed Edition3 Filenames September 1, 2009 PDF
  CERES Level 3 Subsetting Strawman September 1, 2009 PDF
  Initial Ordering Tool Presentation September 8, 2009 PDF
  Tiger Team (Ordering Tool and Web Pages) September 16, 2009 PDF
  ASDC Subsetter Concept Slides October 16, 2009 PDF
SGE Training
  Sun Grid Engine (SGE) Presentation Overview May 2009 PPT
  Example Usage for Users   PDF
SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator)
  Wrapping C++ with Perl March 19, 2009 PPT
Science Computing Facility (SCF)
  SCF in Today's Environment June 13, 2007 PPT
LATIS Archive Status
  LATIS Archive Status May 30, 2007 PPT

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