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  blue bullet A Benchtop Instrument Simulator for CERES/EOS-AM1 [PDF]
  blue bullet This is a low cost NASA Langley Research Center effort with assistance from TRW link to external site for items as printed circuit card design, PROM loads & GSE software.
blue bullet TRW - CERES identical hardware linked to two host PC (s) One for virtual sensor I/O and Graphical User Interface (GUI) display of the CERES instrument. Second PC to support the 1553 memory uplink.
blue bullet The TRW software was released in mid 1995 and the integration effort linked it into the CERES simulator.
blue bullet The main requirement is that the simulator perform to 1st order linear fidelity, the graphic display & interface provide virtual hardware and an instrument panel without the "real" hardware, eg. scanning Az & El heads, covers.
blue bullet Technically challenging, the CERES simulator is essential for testing software uploads and s used for anomaly investigations.
blue bullet The CERES Instrument Simulator is also used for validation of CERES memory uploads, short commands, long commands and upload sequences.
blue bullet Flight equivalent electronics use TRW-developed CERES Flight software and Ground Support Software (TRMM version released in mid 1995)

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