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CERES on S-NPP Pre-Launch Documents

Meeting Dates Location
CERES-NPP TIM with the SDS and Land PEATE February 28, 2008 NASA/LaRC, NAV Building, Hampton, VA
NPP-CERES CARS Delta Critical Design Review August 26, 2008 NASA/GSFC, Building 8, Auditorium, Greenbelt, MD

Signed Agreements Posted Date
MOU between CERES and GMAO (February 2008) 08/01/2008
Working Agreement between NPP and CERES (GSFC 429-08-01-16) 02/11/2009
CERES Science Requirements Specification 07/08/2009

Latest "CERES FM5 on NPP" Schedules Status Date Posted Date
Schedule Status as of 09/22/2009 09/22/2009 09/28/2009
Look Ahead Schedule 09/22/2009 09/28/2009

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