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Commercial Applications

Solar Power Plant Image

Solar power plant in
California's Mojave Desert (Warren Gretz)

CERES supports commercial applications by providing surface meteorology and solar energy data for the renewable energy industry via an innovative, easy to use, web site ( link to external site). In the first two years of operation, the number of registered users of the web site has grown to over 2000, including major energy companies, financial institutions, and federal agencies.

Solar Powered Home Image

Solar powered home in northeastern
U.S. demonstrating future trends in design and
technology (Solar Design Associates)

Photvoltaic Systems Image

Photovoltaic systems for home lighting in the
village of Cacimbas, Ceara, Brazil (Roger Taylor)

For further information on the CERES instrument and data products see the CERES website at;

Please email: or contact:

Norman Loeb
Mail Stop 420
Atmospheric Sciences Research
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA 23681-2199

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