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1st CERES-II Science Team Meeting – March 2004

March 29-31, 2004
NCAR, Boulder, CO


Major Objectives for the Meeting:

  1. Review status of CERES Data Products for climate modeling/analysis community and the new CERES-II science team:
    • Instrument Calibration: absolute accuracy and stability, new Edition2 Aqua
    • Cloud Algorithm Capabilities and Validation: Terra validated and Aqua beta
    • Terra Angular Models: First accurate fluxes by scene type
    • Terra/Geo Merged Diurnal Sampling: SRBAVG product status
    • Terra consistent Surface, Atmosphere, and TOA Fluxes: CRS product status
    • Future Synoptic 3-hourly, daily, and monthly products.
  2. Plenary presentations will be aimed at the climate modeling and climate analysis communities as well as new CERES Co-I’s to improve understanding of CERES as the next generation of Radiation Budget data: comparisons to ERBE/ISCCP/SRB, remaining limitations, future directions and schedules for product deliveries.

  3. Given the new observing capabilities, we will have a two hour session on improved methods to test climate models, cloud models, cloud feedbacks, aerosol forcings: this session will focus on open discussion of both challenges and future directions. It will include questions of how the data products could be made more useful for model comparisons, as well as how the models could be more useful in defining observing requirements and defining objective model test metrics.
  4. Co-Investigator reports outlining current/planned activities in the new EOS proposals

  5. CERES Meeting is joint with GERB Meeting (Wed afternoon to Friday) to facilitate joint activities including GERB/ intercalibration, GERB spectral correction/angle sampling studies using CERES, and CERES time samplingCERES studies using GERB.

Meeting Agenda

Monday, March 29
08:30 Meeting Logistics, Welcome Paula Fisher, NCAR
08:40 State of U.S. CCSP/EOS/CERES/NPP/NPOESS B. Wielicki
09:10 CERES Overview B. Wielicki
09:40 Terra/Aqua Instrument Calibration Summary K. Priestley
10:10 Aqua & Terra ERBE-Like TOA Fluxes T. Wong
10:30 Break
11:00 Terra & Aqua SSF Product Cloud Properties and Accuracy  [16.73MB] P. Minnis
11:45 Terra Angular Models: Instantaneous & Ensemble Accuracy N. Loeb
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Terra SSF Simple Surface Flux Parameterizations  [30.30MB] D. Kratz
14:30 Terra Merged CERES/Geo Time Sampling: SRBAVG D. Young
15:15 Break
15:45 Terra Surface to Atmosphere to TOA Fluxes: CRS T. Charlock
16:30 SYN and AVG: 3-hourly synoptic, daily, monthly D. Young
16:45 CERES Data Management and Data Product Status M. Little/E. Geier
17:00 Langley ASDC DAAC User Services J. Koziana
5:15 S’COOL Education Outreach Status L. Chambers
17:30 Adjourn
Tuesday, March 30
08:30 Working Group Sessions

Instrument (Priestley, et. al)
Angular Modeling (Loeb et al.)
Surface to TOA Fluxes (Charlock et al.)
Cloud Properties (Minnis et al.)

(Main Seminar Room: (100+ cap)
(Directors Conf Rm: 15 cap)
(Damon Room: 50 cap)
(Chapman Room: 20 cap)
Invited Presentations
10:30 Status of Global Energy and Water Cycle Observations [22.40MB] K. Trenberth
11:15 Status of Climate Modeling J. Kiehl/W. Collins
12:00 GERB Status J. Harries
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Discussion of Modeling/Observation Comparisons: Radiation/Cloud/Aerosols/Surface

Observations Perspective (New Satellite Data: Weather to Climate Scales

Modeling Perspective (Atmosphere, Ocean, Land Models)
B. Wielicki

W. Collins

16:00 Break
Co-I Reports
16:30 Cloud Forcing Ratio Tests of Climate Models, 97/98 ENSO Event R. Cess
16:50 Decadal Variability: ERBS, ISCCP, Ocean Heat Storage T. Wong, B. Wielicki, R. Lee
17:10 Variations of Tropical Convection: SST and Rainfall B. Lin, P. Minnis, L. Chambers, Y. Hu, A. Fan
17:30 Adjourn
Wednesday, March 31
Co-I Reports Cont’d
08:30 Status and Extensions of the NCAR Aerosol Assimilation for CERES W. Collins, D. Fillmore, A. Conley, P. Rasch, N. Mahowald
08:50 Aerosol Direct Forcing at TOA & Surface using CERES & MATCH T. Charlock, F. Rose, D. Rutan, D. Fillmore, W. Collins
09:10 Aerosol SW Dust forcing and 8-12um Surface LW V. Ramanathan, A. Inamdar
09:30 Aerosol Consistency for Terra and Aqua A. Ignatov
09:50 Surface Radiation Network for CERES Applications E. Dutton, J. Augustine, J. Michalsky, C. Long
10:10 Break
10:30 Validation of CERES derived Terra & Aqua Cloud Properties X. Dong
10:50 Comparison of Diurnal Cycle of GCM with ERBE Results  [11.89MB] L. Smith, T. Slingo, P. Mlynczak, D. Ruton
11:10 MISR Narrowband to CERES Broadband Radiance Regressions R. Davies
11:30 ADM Studies: Broadband Conversion of POLDER-2 with CERES M. Vollier, P. Raberanto, J. Buriez, F. Parol, Z. Poussi
11:50 GERB-CERES Intercomparisons S. Dewitte
12:10 Summary/Action Items
12:30 Adjourn