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22nd CERES-I Science Team Meeting – September 2000

September 20-22, 2000
Huntsville, AL

Meeting Summary

Cess, Robert Algorithm-development Strategies for Retrieving the Downwelling Longwave Flux at the Earth’s Surface
Cess, Robert CERES Scientific Investigations
Chambers, Lin The CERES S’COOL Project: An Update
Chambers, Lin Informing CERES Optical Depth Retrieval with Data from Other Sources
Charlock, Thomas Aerosol Effect on Residual Clear-sky Insolation Discrepancy
Charlock, Thomas Report from SARB Working Group
Clerbaux, Nicolas Comparison of GERB/SEVIRI and CERES Scene Identification
Donner, Leo The Effects of Convective Shields and Cumulus-Scale Vertical Velocities on the General Circulation
Dutton, Ells CMDL and BSRN Surface-based Irradiance Update (SARB & S-O Working Group)
Friedman, Michael Progress Report: Retrieval of Cloud Properties and Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing
Geier, Erika Data Management
Haeffelin, Martial Calibration and Thermal Offset of Pyranometers
Han, Qingyuan Strategies of Monitoring Aerosol Indirect Effect from Space
Killough, Brian An Empirical Angular Distribution Model for the Calculation of Top-of-Atmosphere Radiative Fluxes in the Presence of Biomass Burning Aerosols
Kratz, David Validation of the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) Surface Radiation Budget Algorithms
Lin, Bing Estimations of Column Cloud Water Amount Over Arctic Regions Using Ground-based Thermal Microwave and Infrared Measurements
Loeb, Norman ADM Working Group Agenda
Loeb, Norman Validation of CERES Unfiltering Algorithm
Loeb, Norman Angular Distribution Modeling (ADM) Group
Minnis, Patrick CERES Cloud Algorithm Changes
Priestley, Kory Instrument Working Group/TRMM Terra Aqua Status
Randall, David Globally, and in the tropics in particular, how much precipitation falls from convection, and how much from stratiform clouds?
Robertson, Pete Differences Between TOVS Path-A and Broadband Depictions of Tropical-Mean OLR Variability
Rutan, David CERES, ARM Validation Experiment (CAVE)
Rutledge, Kenneth CERES Ocean Validation Experiment (COVE) Site Characterization Using First Year Results
Smith, Nitchie Longwave and Window ADMs for Overcast and Clear Sky Scenes
Stowe, Larry Consistency Checks of SSF-ED1 Output and Progress Towards a Third Generation Retrieval Algorithm
Su, Wenying Outgoing Longwave Radiation of the Tibetan Plateau
Viollier, Michel SW Time Interpolation: Correction with Climatological Diurnal Albedo Variation, Application to ScaRaB and March 2000 CERES/Terra Data Inter-annual Comparisons
Wielicki, Bruce EOS/CERES Program Status
Yang, Shi-Keng Interdecadal Trend of LWCF from NCEP/NCAR Reanalyses
Young, David Temporal Interpolation using Geostationary Data: An Update