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21st CERES-I Science Team Meeting – May 2000

May 2-4, 2000
Hampton, VA

Meeting Summary

Baum, Bryan MODIS Cloud Property Retrievals
Chambers, Lin The CERES S’COOL Project: An Update
Chapman, John CERES Instrument Simulator Summary
Coakley, Jim Progress Report: Pixel-Scale Cloud Retrievals and Aerosols Radiative Forcing for INDOEX
Haeffelin, Martial Direct Comparisons of CERES PFM and FM1/FM2 Radiances
Kibler, Jim Instrument Simulator Update/New Version of View_hdf Validation Tool/Data and Code Deliveries/Data Product Versions
Priestley, Kory Instrument Working Group
Priestley, Kory Terra FM-1 and FM-2 Instrument Report
Randall, Dave AMIP Results
Randall, Dave GCM Sat.
Randall, Dave New Rad. Tests
Randall, Dave TRMM Sampled OLR
Welch, Ron Smoke Radiative Forcings over South America and Africa in 1998
Wheeler, Bob C-FAR Terra Validation Instrument Checkout Flight Results March 24, 2000
Wong, Tak Results of a Stochastic Quality Assurance Algorithm for the ERBE/ERBS Nonscanner Radiation Data Set: Implications to the CERES/TRMM Data Product
Young, Dave CERES ERBE-like Product Validation: First Comparison of TRMM and Terra Data
Zhou, Yaping Spectral Fluxes and BRDF from CERES ARM Radiation Experiment (CARE): Estimate Effects of Atmospheric Correction