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CERES +15V Power Converter Anomaly

Greg Stover

September 1, 1998

During the evening Greg Stover, Deputy Manager for CERES Project, was paged by the TRMM FOT with the news that the CERES instrument DAA +15 V had reached a value of 16.5 Volts. This was seen during the real time contact that started at 244:03:36:00 UT. This was the pass during which the SWICS was turned OFF. During the next pass (started at 244:04:25) Greg instructed the TRMM FOT to SAFE the CERES instrument and turn OFF the operational power. At the beginning of the pass the voltage was 16.64 Volts. TRW and LaRC CERES Project Office will examine the latest data and decide what course of action to take. At this time it is not clear as to how we will proceed with the Deep Space Calibration.

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