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CERES EBAF ClrSky Filling

EBAF Clear-Sky Filling Description

  • Many regions in consistently cloudy areas have no CERES clear-sky observations over the course of the month in the SSF1deg and SYN1deg products
    • Note missing regions (gray area) in lower left image
  • CERES clear-sky observed footprint (20 km nominal) fluxes require 99% of MODIS pixels (1 km nominal) to be classified as clear
    • There maybe 1 km clear-sky patches inside a 20 km region
  • The CERES EBAF-TOA product uses the clear-sky identified MODIS pixel radiances do derive broadband radiances constrained to the overall footprint CERES observed flux
    • EBAF provides clear-sky fluxes for all regions (lower right image)
  • More information can be found in the EBAF-TOA Data Quality Summary (DQS)

Comparison of SYN and EBAF SW Clear-Sky Flux

Image: Comparison of SYN and EBAF SW Clear-Sky Flux

CERES Data Product Information

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