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3rd CERES-II Science Team Meeting - May 2005

Major Objectives for the Meeting:

  1. Review status of CERES Instruments and Data Products:
    • Instrument Calibration: stability over first 5 years of Terra
    • Instrument anomaly on one of the Aqua CERES instruments (FM-4)
      • Terra/Aqua Cloud Properties
      • Terra/Geo Merged Diurnal Sampling: SRBAVG/SYN/AVG product status
      • Terra consistent Surface, Atmosphere, and TOA Fluxes: CRS product status

  2. Inter-annual Variability in Cloud and Radiation Data Now that almost 5 years of Terra data are available, an examination of variability and potential trends in calibration, radiation and cloud will be discussed: perspectives from ERBE-Like TOA fluxes as well as new CERES fluxes and MODIS cloud data in combined SSF, CRS, and SRBAVG data products. Also a discussion of how these fit with the reprocessed ERBS data, new ocean heat storage data, Earthshine and surface radiation data (e.g. Global Dimming). Status of the GEWEX Radiative Flux Assessment activity will also be presented and discussed.

  3. Presentations and discussions on future methods to compare climate observations and climate models. Leo Donner will present an invited overview of climate modeling status at GFDL. Bruce Wielicki will present an overview of new approaches to testing climate models with observations, followed by a discussion period. At least one CERES meeting a year is held at a major climate modeling center to encourage close interactions with the climate modeling and observation communities.

  4. CERES specific Co-I Reports. Each report is 20min including time for questions.

  5. Follow-on NPOESS ERBS (Earth Radiation Budget Sensor) meeting on Friday. Jim Coakley is chair of the ERBS OAT (Operational Algorithm Team) for the ERBS sensor, which plans to use the CERES algorithms for TOA and surface fluxes. Discussions will include steps needed to convert the CERES FM-5 instrument for use on the first NPOESS 1:30pm platform, and NPOESS data processing options for the ERBS data products. This meeting is being held following the CERES science team meeting to encourage anyone interested in attending both meetings to track current and future radiation budget activities.

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