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Temporal Resolution Data Product Descripition Cloud Sources
(daytime only)
Cloud Properties
Order Data
Monthly &
Monthly 3-Hourly
ISCCP-D2like 3 optical depth bins
3 cloud pressure bins
Cloud Area Fraction
Cloud Pressure
Cloud Temperature
Water Path
Particle Size
Optical Depth
IR Emissivity
Monthly &
Monthly 3-Hourly
ISCCP-D1like 6 optical depth bins
7 cloud pressure bins
Cloud Area Fraction only
  • The "Merged" cloud source combines Terra-MODIS, Aqua-MODIS, and GEO cloud properties.
  • MODIS nighttime ISCCP-D1like & ISCCP-D2like products are available at the ASDC.
  • MODIS cloud properties are not from the official NASA Goddard MODIS cloud products.

Cloud Source Information

Cloud Sources
(daytime only)
Sampling frequency Data Range
Terra-MODIS 10:30 AM local time 03/2000 - 02/2017
Aqua-MODIS 1:30 PM local time 07/2002 - 02/2017
GEO 3-hourly; 0,3,6,.. GMT 03/2000 - 02/2017
Merged combined 03/2000 - 02/2017

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