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CERES: Product Availability Status

SFC Product Information

SFC Product Availability

SFC TRMM Product Processing History ( by year / by month / by product edition)
Product Sat
Level 3
1998 1999 2000
Level 3
  TRMM SFC 1998 Available  TRMM SFC 1999 Not Available   TRMM SFC 2000 Available

 TRMM Available  TRMM Transient Ops Available
 Combined (Terra+Aqua)  Combined (Terra+NPP)  Not Available (odd rows)  Not Available (even rows)

  • By clicking on "by month", a more detailed table will be rendered with the ability to click on specific months for daily and hourly Level 2 and Level 1B products.
  • By clicking on "by product edition", a more detailed table will be rendered with the versions of the product available.

CERES Instrument Temporal Coverage
Spacecraft Instrument(s) Launch Date Start Date End Date
TRMM PFM 11/27/1997 12/27/1997 05/29/2001
Terra FM1 & FM2 12/18/1999 02/25/2000 Still in operation
Aqua FM3 & FM4 05/04/2002 06/19/2002 Still in operation
S-NPP FM5 10/28/2011 01/27/2012 Still in operation
J01 FM6 11/18/2017 01/6/2018 Still in operation

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