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CERES JPSS-2 Pictures

Image: RBI Engineering final assembly.
Engineers at Harris Corporation complete final assembly of the RBI Engineering Development Unit.

Image: JPSS-2 Inspection

Global monthly mean observations of Earth’s outgoing and incoming radiation at the top of atmosphere for 1978-2017. Dashed green line corresponds to a 12-month running average. Seasonal changes are apparent as are monthly variations. The Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption in June 1991 increased how much incident solar radiation was reflected to space and reduced outgoing longwave radiation. Because less solar radiation reached the Earth’s surface following the Mount Pinatubo eruption, surface temperatures cooled by 0.5°C over the 2 to 4 year following the eruption. Observations of how solar radiation absorbed by the Earth changes at seasonal and longer timescales provide critical information for the agricultural and energy sectors and national security for strategic planning and optimal use of technology.

  Image: NASA Logo NASA Official: Dr. Norman Loeb
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