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CERES provided these data files to the Obs4MIPS link to external site hosted by the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) link to external site as part of an experimental activity to increase the usability of NASA satellite observational data for the model and model analysis communities. The CERES EBAF (ESG-formatted) product provides individual flux parameter files reformatted from the CERES EBAF-TOA and EBAF-Surface products in the required format for comparison with model results from the fifth phase of the Climate Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5). The PCMDI/CMIP5 mission is to develop improved methods and tools for the diagnosis and intercomparison of general circulation models (GCMs) that simulate the global climate.


Data Availability: 03/2000 through 09/2016

There are 5 variables from the CERES EBAF-TOA product.
  • TOA Outgoing Longwave Radiation (rlut)
  • TOA Outgoing Clear-Sky Longwave Radiation (rlutcs)
  • TOA Incident Shortwave Radiation (rsdt)
  • TOA Outgoing Shortwave Radiation (rsut)
  • TOA Outgoing Clear-Sky Shortwave Radiation (rsutcs)
Technical Document for the EBAF-TOA Obs4MIPS Data variables:
Technical Document for TOA Incident Shortwave Radiation:

EBAF-Surface Obs4MIPS Data

Data Availability: 03/2000 through 02/2016

These are 7 variables from the CERES EBAF-Surface product.
  • Surface Downwelling Longwave Radiation (rlds)
  • Surface Upwelling Longwave Radiation (rlus)
  • Surface Downwelling Shortwave Radiation (rsds)
  • Surface Upwelling Shortwave Radiation (rsus)
  • Surface Downwelling Clear-Sky Longwave Radiation (rldscs)
  • Surface Downwelling Clear-Sky Shortwave Radiation (rsdscs)
  • Surface Upwelling Clear-Sky Shortwave Radiation (rsuscs)
Technical Document for the EBAF-Surface Obs4MIPS Data variables:

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