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TRMM Edition2 Data Product DOIs

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Stream Product Satellite Short Name DOI link
SSF SSFTRMMCER_SSF_TRMM-PFM-VIRS_Edition2B 10.5067/TRMM/CERES/SSF-PFM_L2.002B link to external site
FSWTRMMCER_FSW_TRMM-PFM-VIRS_Edition2C 10.5067/TRMM/CERES/FSW-PFM-VIRS_L3.002C link to external site
SFCTRMMCER_SFC_TRMM-PFM-VIRS_Edition2B 10.5067/TRMM/CERES/SFC_L3.002B link to external site
CRSTRMMCER_CRS_TRMM-PFM-VIRS_Edition2C 10.5067/TRMM/CERES/CRS_L2.002C link to external site

ERBElike ES4TRMMCER_ES4_TRMM-PFM_Edition2 10.5067/TRMM/CERES/ES4-PFM_L3.002 link to external site
ES9TRMMCER_ES9_TRMM-PFM_Edition2 10.5067/TRMM/CERES/ES9-PFM_L3.002 link to external site
ES8TRMMCER_ES8_TRMM-PFM_Edition2 10.5067/TRMM/CERES/ES8-PFM_L2.002 link to external site

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